Reviews For Womens Health Magazine

Substance over artifice.

I only recently picked up on this magazine and so I feel behind the times. What is possibly ironic is that for the last couple of years I would pick up the occasional copy of Men's Health because I felt that I was finally getting up to date articles on FDA approved diets, foods, vitamins and other health related OTC drugs, as well as updated fitness routines. Thankfully the same information can be found and how it relates to a woman's system here.

I've also read the one and two star reviews of the magazine and the reviews that condemn this magazine and touted 'Shape' instead left me scratching my head. I had a subscription for several years to 'Shape' in college and ultimately turned my back on it as I found it to be superficial featuring a famous thin model/celebrity who was never particularly known for their athletic ability as the big selling point. It also bothered me that every other ad was for a magic diet pill/supplement that was eventually done away with after an expose on some news program listing a litany of problems.

A health magazine should be about health: getting it and keeping it and warn the public against a quick fix. I also like to see exercise and fitness emphasized more heavily than fashion. Which is exactly what I got here. Ultimately I want to be healthy and feel good for a long, long time. I also want to keep up to date on current methods for maintaining this goal. I really believe I get current and effective information and advice here. Other women's health/fitness magazines felt to me more like they were compeating with Cosmo and Glamour type magazines.

Lots of valuable information/tons to read

One of the best health/fitness/diet/beauty magazines around - each page chock full of important/interesting and helpful tips. It is one of the few magazines around that has something new and worth reading on every page! One of my favorite reads!

Great Buy

I bought a couple other magazines as I just really started making a serious effort to be fit and wanted some inspiration as well as some information. I bought Oxygen and Fitness - which I think ended up as me paying to read someone's ads - I had just flipped through the mags before I bought them and wished I had really read a few pages first. There are so many ads there for losing weight that you get lost and confused. I then saw this other magazine Women's Health Training Guide 2007 and picked that up - it was exactly what I wanted. It has articles, recipes, exercises that I can do inbetween going to the gym, and most of all it inspires me to stay active. So all you women out there....throw out your "ad" magazines and pick up the real deal!

Awesome Magazine

I love, LOVE this magazine! It just has a whole bunch of stuff that is actually relevant to, yes, Women's Health! The articles are interesting, they have great workouts in the magazine and I can sit down and read this one cover to cover - which I usually never do with magazines.

Women's Health Rocks

One of the most helpful (as well as healthful) magazines i have ever read!!
I am much more health conscious now in choosing what i eat. It also has great work out tips. But it is much, much more. It is the ultimate womens magazine that touches on all our interests, concerns and issues. Its like Self and Cosmo wrapped all into one. Its truly such a great magazine! I'm glad i subscribed!

Great magazine for great price.

Nice magazine if you are trying to tone your body or lose weight.
It didn't take 6 weeks to receieve the first issue. (maybe like 3 weeks or so)

Woman's Health Magazine Review

This magazine arrived quickly and I am really enjoying it. I am a fitness professional and I get a lot of tips and ideas from the articles. Can't wait to get next months issue.

great mag

Magazine is very comprehensive with health tips, excercise tips, even beauty and fashion. Tips are scientifically based and referenced so you know you're getting the best and most up to date advice. Also very quick, got my first issue 2 weeks after ordering.

I love it!

Let me be upfront--I have not read Men's Health. I am always intrigued by the covers but as it is geared towards men I never felt the need to delve between the covers of that magazine myself. I cannot address whether the comparisons between the two magazines are fair. I HAVE read Women's Health, however, and I love it! Self and Fitness and Shape just seemed geared towards the younger 20s and while I am a young 34, magazines focused on the same subjects I would have related to in high school bore me. I am NOT a fitness buff, rather someone who THINKS alot about getting in shape, lol, but if you are a hard core fitness freak I think you would be happier reading something like Oxygen or Muscle and Fitness Hers. If you want to hear about the latest workout trends and studies, however, and you HATE being talked down to, I think that Women's Health is the way to go. I will definitely renew my subscription.

Women's Health

As a middle-aged working mom I don't have time for a personal trainer. I am interested in being as healthy as I can but lack the time to do significant research on the subject. I wanted a magazine that narrowed down the issues surrounding women in our modern, fast-paced society. I wanted a magazine that would allow me to see some pointed information in a condensed format to utilize my time.

I believe that this was a very worth while purchase! It has some of the interest type articles that are entertaining in magazines, but it also has articles that are truly informative about current Woman's health issues. I have found new ideas in each issue about controlling my appetite, and there have been informative articles on different work-outs to try on my own. The speed of delivery was much quicker than I had expected, and I am pleased with the product. I would recommend this magazine to other women who want to be more involved with bettering their own health.