Reviews For Womens Health Magazine

Great Magazine

I really love this magazine because everthing is highlighted for easy and fast reading. Who doesn't love that?

Easy & Interesting

Easy and interesting articles to read from food and exercise to going green and etiquette. At 30-something I feel too old for the Cosmo mags out there and look forward to WH's random articles that I can use. My husband can even find something interesting in there to read.

Excellent Reading!!!

Very good magazine with tips and update articles about health and fitness for women!

Love it!

Women's Health is my favorite magazine, so I was excited to see it as a lightening deal!


I got a real deal on this magazine and it is one of my favorites to boot!!!!


Wife loved the magazine. But keep getting renewal noticies even though it was already paid.

Great magazine, great price

I love this magazine but it is too expensive to buy at the store, but here it was a wonderful price

Women's Health Magazine

I subscribed to the magazine and and very impressed and happy with it as it has tons of information in it like no other magazine.

Better Than I Expected.

Unlike many female oriented magazines this one has some fine advice on health, fitness & exercise. You won't find destructive over the top dieting tips that could make you very ill & it is not overloaded with ads like "Oxygen, Shape, & Self." For those of us who want overall fitness, cross training, interesting recipes, & new outdoor activities to try this magazine is the best one out there. Even for all of us middle aged gals trying to get back some of our youthful health & appearance. Also, if you are into weight training, I would try a muscle magazine for that. WH is not that big on that subject. The main negative is some of the departments keep changing their formats & some articles can be as little as one paragraph. But, on the whole it still is better than its competitors.

excellent fitness mag

i've subscribed to many fitness magazines over the years and this is the first and only one that has very useful information and doesn't dwell on losing weight or dieting and doesn't have ridiculous advertisements and silly ads for clothing and things that are priced out of range for the average person as do a lot of the female mags out there today. i will continue my subscription to this magazine as long as they continue on the same path. i pray they don't let me down as i enjoy this magazine very much.