Reviews For Womens Health Magazine

Women's Health Mag

This is one of my favorite magazines out there. As soon as I get it, I read it cover to cover. I have a subscription myself and have given it as a present to my friends. Here are my thoughts on it.

-New and easy recipes to learn how to cook healthier meals
-New workouts which I always want to try
-Gives me motivation to continue to workout and eat healthy. Frequently they use the data from the website in the magazine
-Dedicated website for the magazine also has great tips and ideas
-The holiday edition had lots of good ideas for gifts
-Consistently interesting articles
-Generally seems to be geared towards normal women (the fitness guru or the casual)

-Generally not interested in the cover article, but maybe that's just me
-Normal magazine complaints (a little thin, a few too many advertisements)

Overall, I highly recommend!

Better Than Most

I've always been dissapointed in women's "health and fitness" magazines like "Self" and "Shape" because they are always full of articles on beauty and how to look slimmer, and flatten your abs in 3 weeks (yeah right!) etc. If I wanted that I'd buy "Glamour" or "Cosmopolitan"! I like "Women's Health" because it has articles on actual HEALTH topics, not just fitness and beauty. I also loved "Men's Health" and was really excited about this magazine, like other's here have said. I think "Men's Health" is superior but "Women's Health" is still the best of the women's magazines.

Great magazine! Only one minor gripe...

I highly recommend this's got great exercise tips, great recipes and interesting nuggets of info. I've tried several of the recipes and they are tasty. This magazine is a big help for any woman trying to stay fit and healthy. It's inspiring!! Now for my one gripe...the writers/editors assumes their entire readership is made up of straight women. How about a little acknowledgement for women who love women?!

It's What You'd Expect

I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my Fiancé and the first delivery came the day after Christmas. What perfect timing! Anyway, she's happy with the product and I've been a subscriber of Men's Health for years so I'd recommend it...

BI Monthly Publication!

I was unaware that this was a bimonthly publication and was expecting one every month. It is a good magazine but I just thought other shoppers would want to be aware of this.

Enjoyable Reading

This magazine provides good information on health issues and exercises tips. The only drawback is that there are a numerous amount of advertisements.

better than the typical chick mag

I tend to read magazines to help pass my time on the treadmill (esp. with an injury slowing me down so I can't run). This is probably the only one I'd read off the treadmill as well. I like that the focus tends to be more on health and wellness than fashion tips and stories about "catching and keeping" a guy.

I have subscribed since the magazine started. In the early days, I'd have gone with 5 stars but I do feel it has strayed a bit over the years and become a bit more like "cousins" like Self and Glamour. Still, it's my favorite of the genre and I like that it speaks to women from a more intelligent and respectful place than other women's magazines.

A good read

I am enjoying the magazine. I liked my subscription to Health magazine a little more than Women's Health. This magazine seems more appropriate for a younger set. My college age daughters enjoy reading the magazine.

good info

I really like this magazine. I was inspired to buy it because my hubbie was reading Men's Health. I really like it, and it gives great information on health, exercise, and how to improve your sex life. I love it.

Why the racey adds

Good magazine, the wife loves it. But why do they have to include the inappropriate adds. We cannot leave the magazine sit around the house becasue we are afraid the kids will start looking at it.