Reviews For Womens Health Magazine

Worth getting

I read this magazine more for the health information than the workout information. I subscribe to M&F Hers and Oxygen and use those magazines more for formulating my workouts since I like to lift a lot of weights, but Women's Health is jam packed full of healthy recipes, and what else, but information on women's health. If you're seriously into lifting weights, this may not be the magazine for you. If you're more into eating healthy, overall fitness,cross training, and outdoor activities, this magazine is a great source of information.

Magazine subscription, not much else to say

My only complaint with all magazine subscriptions is that you never know exactly when you'll get the first issue.

More of the same

I'm a charter subscriber of Women's Health, and honestly I think that's the only reason I stayed subscribed for so long. "Oh, but I was one of their first subscribers!"...yeah, who cares? After I really gave it some thought, I sure didn't care. The fact that 6 of the last 8 issues were still wrapped in their plastic wrap further confirmed my lack of interest in this magazine.

I used to always snatch my boyfriend's copy of Men's Health when it would arrive in the mail and devour it before he got home from class. So when Women's Health invited me to try out their first issue, I jumped at the chance. I was happy that the magazines were very similar, but after awhile it seemed too repetitive. Then Men's Health itself started changing into something boring and bland and my boyfriend chose to end his subscription. Now, it seems like the same pattern is emerging with Women's Health. It went strong for awhile, but now it just feels like they're regurgitating the same information over and over.

It's not so much that Women's Health is a *bad* magazine. It is informative, it does have decent columns and helpful information. But it's nothing special. It doesn't contain any information that I can't find in other (cheaper) places.

I gave it 3 stars because I do think it's a decent magazine to subscribe to for 2-3 years, but not necessarily worth a long-term commitment since you'll likely begin to feel a sense of déjà vu after a time.

Needless to say, my subscription is up for renewal and I'm opting out.

Not as requested

This was a gift & I asked that this be a renewal to be added on to the end of the subscription, but instead she's been getting two copies of each magazine & I've been trying to get it straighted out without success.

Not what it used to be

I've been a longtime subscriber to Women's Health, but lately it's clearly changed its target demographic to women in their early twenties. Those of us over 30 won't find much of value in this publication any more, sadly. Beyond that, there seem to be far fewer actual health articles and more Cosmo-style girl-mag articles, and what articles there are tend to be shallow and short. What does it say when my Allure magazine has much more in-depth articles than Women's Health does?

Don't fool by the Cover!

This is not what i have thought. This magazine much better two years ago. I just subscribed it a couple weeks ago and looking forward to learn some pictures techniques on fitness but there isn't much any more. I am pretty disappointed. I would try Oxygen or Runner magazines tho.

womens health

Pretty decent magazine, i wish it was less like the mens version, and overall different in structure, but they are really the same except one says women's and one says men's. but decent magazine.

You're better off with Men's Health!!!!

My boyfriend ordered subscriptions to Men's and Women's health (for himself and for me, respectively) about six months ago. It didn't take me too long to figure out that women's health could be more aptly titled "men's health lite" - - i.e., a similar magazine with significant alterations (read: reductions) in reading level, scientific basis, and practicality.

The editors of these magazines seem to think that men seek scientifically-sound, medically proven facts for nutrition and exercise physiology, while women are looking for cheesy motivation and advice about lipstick colors.

If you want fluff, you might as well save the money and buy one of the less expensive women's 'health' mags (Self, Fitness, etc.); if you want more substantial content, try Men's Health. (Which niche Women's Health fulfills, then, seems unclear.)

save your money!

Not for Seniors

This magazine is designed for women who are younger than 50. Since I'm 62 I found most of the content to not be applicable to a woman my age.

Not a HEALTH knockoff, more a fashion magazine

Geared toward under-30 women who already look good. Heavy on the fashion, light on the health. Would not have purchased had I seen a preview.