Reviews For Womens Health Magazine

Mostly Childish Fluff.

This magazine has the occasional useful health or fitness article, but I found most of it to be fluff. How to recover from a hangover, "what he said and what he really means" and childish junk like that. This is maybe more for teen girls or those in their early 20s than more mature women.

Same Stories Every Month

Don't subscribe to this magazine. Instead, buy 3 months in a row at your local magazine stand and you'll get all you need. I purchased this magazine because of a great Michelle Obama story but I soon found that every magazine says basically the same thing every month. Additionally, they automatically renewed my subscription for a higher price than I initially paid and let me know with an inconspicuous easily missable postcard. It was up to me to opt out. When I called back they offered to change the price but the magazine's behavior left a bad taste in my mouth so a ended the subscription. I give it two stars because of the Michelle Obama story.

Update: see link concerning it's brother magazine: [...]

Not at all like Men's Health

If you're looking at ordering this magazine because you've been reading your boyfriend's Men's Health, really enjoyed the work-out and health tips, and you said to yourself "Huh - they make a version for women, I should order it." - DON'T! Reading Women's Health is like reading Cosmo, filled with celebrities, causal language and make-up tips (not to mention advice for men - probably gleaned from Men's Health - so that you can surprise your boyfriend?). Don't waste your time on this vapid stuff.

Worst of all health magazines!

I hoped to find good information on health and fitness in this magazine. What a disappointment! This magazine is totally superfical - tons of tiny articles with no real information, seems like a paste and cut job. Additionally, some of the information is plain wrong! If you are serious about fitness and health and want valuable information,I advise you to stay away from this magazine. Try "shape" instead.

They sent me OLD editions!

I signed up for a subscription in July, when the June, July, AND August editions of Women's Health had already hit newsstands, so I am very frustrated and dissapointed that they sent me not one, but TWO magazines that had been on newsstands for over a month. This means that instead of getting all 12 magazines, I'll be receiving 10 of them; the first two I had already read a month ago. Beware when subscribing!!

Never came

I ordered this a month ago and it has yet to come so in my opinion don't buy from this vendor. They either take their sweet time submitting your order or just take your money and don't give you the magazines.