Reviews For Womens Health Magazine

Highly Recommend!

This magazine covers a wide range of things that pertain to women's health such as beauty products that are good for your skin, healthy recipes, tips to deal with stress, etc. I would not consider it an exercize magazine as some people thought it would be and were disappointed. Yes it contains tips and workout routines, but this is not the focus of the magazine. If you are looking for a magazine that covers many topics that relate to a healthy lifestyle, this is the magazine for you. Another magazine I love and would recommend is Cooking Light.

great mag

This magazine is always packed with new and informative information. I enjoy reading it every month and feel that it is a magazine with a great balance of reading between healthy eating, exercising, and a good life style.

A woman's fitness magazine

I am glad to say this is more than just another women's health magazine. I have a subscription to a few magazines about women's health and fitness, but this is by far the best. This magazine is about more than losing weight, it's about getting healthy! It gives a lot of good tips. Women's Health has more articles than other magazines and doesn't waste half of the magazine talking about fashion, beauty, etc. I do enjoy these articles but I don't buy the magazine for them! I buy it for WOMEN'S HEALTH! So if you want a magazine that's main focus is on HEALTH... this is a great option. Don't worry they have a little of the fashion, beauty, and sex for you too!

Great women's magazine

This magazine offers sensible workout info as well as articles geared for all age groups.


I love Women's Health it inspires me to be my best and teaches me something new every month! Awesome for any woman who wants to live better and wants that extra help along the way..

Good magazine!

Sure they use a lot of the same information as they do in Men's Health, but that's ok, it's worth reading. My girlfriend likes it.

Full of Great Informative Info

Not a lot of fluff or advertisements. Awesome workouts and great information packed into the magazine. So happy with my purchase!!!!!!!!

Lots to read!

This is a very good fitness mag. There is lots to read and learn about. Good workouts also!


The magazine came several weeks before I was expecting it. I've been reading it for a few years now, and find that most of the information is useful and interesting.

a must read

I currently get Men's health, and thought my girlfriend would like the woman's health. And she loves it. Its a must read for all woman.