Reviews For Womens Health Magazine

Great Women's Magazine, Great Price & Super Fast delivery

Bought the magazine for my wife and she loves it. Great sale price on subscription, and initiation for delivery of magazines was faster than I had expected. Wish I could find the same deal on Maxim and Men's Health!

great read

I've been a reader for a while now, and couldn't pass up a great sale to renew. Read it cover to cover almost every month. Finally, women's health is getting some attention lately!!!

Great Info!

At last a magazine that addresses health & fitness issues for real women!If you're looking for helpful hints on exercise and new products without all of the cosmo stuff, here it is.

Great Magazine!!!

This is one of the best fitness magazines out there, I really like and recomended.

Excellent fitness and health magazine

This magazine keeps me motivated to workout and eat healthy. Every page is interesting and intelligent information. I read every page! It's nothing like other magazines that I surf through, I actually read this one. I think this is the best Womens magazine out there. Buy one issue, you'll be hooked.

My favorite magazine out of many!

I have been reading Self, Fitness, Shape and Women's Health for years. Out of all of them, Women's Health is by FAR my favorite. It's my favorite out of all my others too.

Contrary to a lot of these reviews, Women's Health contains substantial articles and very little "fluff." Sure, they have makeup and beauty basics, but that's a big area where men and women differ, so that's understandable. It would be odd if they didn't.

Anyway, I feel like I always learn something new and very interesting when I read WH each month. I love how they report on new studies and findings, compared with a lot of the other magazines - it's just the same blah, blah, blah lose weight articles every month. The photography is great too, with well-written articles with a lot of research. Overall the direction of the magazine is very satisfactory.


I love this magazine. not only does it have heath articles, it also has life articles about any topic.

Womens Health

I love this magazine as it can compete with Shape,Self, and others. This magazine is full of exercise and diet tips that are priceless. I love all the above magazines and read them all.


Great magazine. No nonsense articles. Very informative and not a lot of advertisement.I like the real people who are fit that give they're advise. Tear out booklets to take to the gym are nice too.

Great Magazine

I bought this magazine for my daughter as a gift and she swears by it, saying it's the best magazine of its kind on the market (and she's read them all!).