Reviews For Wired Magazine

The one magazine I spend money on every month

Wired magazine is the ONE magazine I buy and devour every month. In most cases the featured story is deep, compelling and challenges me to want to learn more. I've crafted blog posts and set out on wildly extravagant investigative learning journeys all thanks to a story or editorial I've fed on in Wired. Special treats are Chris Anderson's pieces. For techies, culture mavens, info-geeks, gear-heads, Internet business folk, trend junkies....

It's WIRED! What else do you want?

It's always a fun time reading Wired, not to mention the fact that the magazine itself just simply feels good in your hands.

Always interesting

There will always be at least one article of interest in each edition; however I often wish some were longer and more detailed.

Cool Magazine

I had never read Wired before, but I really like it. Great for a techno-freak like me.

Wired is GREAT

Fantastic magazine for anyone who wants to know what's going o n i n high tech or other areas

The right mix.

It's not a computer magazine... it's not a lifestyle magazine... but if you only have time to read one magazine a month, I think it's the best mix of both on the US market.

Very Good Magazine

The that are in this magazine are superb. They are, for the most part, unbiased, and very well written. And the cover is really nice too. It's not just your standard high-gloss magazine cover it is kinda cardstockish. A whole lot of extremely valuable information for all the technophiles out there. And for 10 dollars (per year)!?!? Who wouldn't get this?

good articles

Great magazine. Really interesting array of articles. I bought this for my anthropologist boyfriend who loves computers, technology, and gadgets.

Great Magazine

Currently my favorite magazine. It focuses on technology and its effect on society. So you get more diverse articles (art, music, movies, etc.) than some purely science based magazines.

Glossy, fun, cheap

If there's one word that captures the essence of Wired, it's "enthusiasm." The writing is consistently vigorous, sometimes excessively, but always enjoyably. The nerd humor is sometimes over-the-top, and interesting subjects aren't always given the depth they deserve. Still, Wired is one of the best light magazines around, rich in playful graphics and quick, cool stories on things you never knew existed.

I think of myself as a recovering ex-geek, having frittered my youth away on video games, but I'm never giving up my monthly dose of Wired. It's an effortless breeze of awesomeness.