Reviews For Wired Magazine

Awesome amazing magazine. If you don't like it you're not a tech.

Okay this magazine is by far one of the BEST tech magazines out there. To combat all the negative reviews of this magazine, you guys are probably not at the intellectually techy level of where this magazine is. Not a problem, it's not for you. That's fine. This magazine has GREAT articles and tons of interesting Ads. Yes I said it Ads. And Ads for really neat stuff too.

Worth every cent.

I found my magazine

I just finished a year of wired and I eagerly signed up for two more - I don't want it to ever stop coming! I frequently read issues from cover to cover & find it captivating. This magazine covers a whole subset of American culture that is simply ignored in other media forms. Lots of interesting articles & pictures (content rich) and not completely stuffed with ads - perfect.

My Favorite Magazine

I initially stumbled upon wired magazine at an airport magazine rack looking for something to read. Its been love ever since. Wired magazine is dedicated to news with a concentration in technology for the 20-30 year old generation. Many of the stories are short and to the point averaging about 1/4 page and then there are some longer feature articles. Wired reminds me of Popular Science with more interesting articles for my generation. The Wired magazine arrives on time every month packaged in plastic so it doesnt get wet or wrinkled. I highly recommend this magazine to anyone with an interest in technology.

Not the target audience, but still can't get enough of WIRED

I realize I am not the target audience for this magazine since I am not a male and I don't work in a technical field (How do I know WIRED'S audience, you ask? Just look at the ads, especially in the back), but still, I can't get enough of this magazine.

The section that dissects common products (usually food) to reveal their ingredients is both shocking...and a great dieting tool. I might never eat cool whip again.

Hip, fun and always informative

If technology interests you at all, this might be the best thing you can read on monthly basis. Mainly targeting young to middle-aged, upper-middle-class audience, WIRED provides pertinent articles about technology and how it intertwines with politics, travel, entertainment, sex, science and all other aspects of life. It's visually attractive and slick as it is comprehensively informative and groundbreaking.

I have been a subscriber since 2000 and I have read every single issue since then. I have very much enjoyed it and I totally recommend it.


My teenage boys are computer geeks and they love this magazine. They always look forward to it coming in the mail. They even use it for homework assignments. Even my 19 year old son who is in college uses it for homework. He is majoring in the 'MultiMedia' field. His school recommended it. It's full of great information and wonderful graphics. It's a great value when you subscribe yearly too.

Will make your head hurt, in a good way

Even if you think you're at the high end of your realm of the tech world, there is always much to be learned from this magazine. The blend of typical hardware/software tech with biotech, space, physics, and other sciences, always out on the bleeding edge of current thinking. Combined with the pop sections on new gadgets ("Fetishes"), humor, and lifestyle angles, this is a fun way to keep up on "technology" as Wired broadly defines it. Omni meets Red Herring.

Awesome Magazine!

I read every Wired I get cover-to-cover (in addition to their Mobile Edition on my PDA). Every article they do is interesting and well-written, and I highly recommend it.

My favorite magazine!

Where else can you get a magazine that talks about whatever it wants? From the perspectives of guys obsessed with computers, technology, and electronics, you get to find out news on just about anything remotely relating to these topics. Political, scientific, hollywood, businesses, technology, I love it. I get to read about topics that are covered in mainstream news sources, and on the next page, what's new with Japanese schoolgirls. I get such a kick out of it.

I also love the pseudo-geek talk that they caricature. It's kind of stupid that reviews are all "wired" or "tired" but in a funny stupid way.

And buried in the enjoyable trash of this magazine are of course, all the many articles about new electronics that I love to keep up with. Like popular science, only not lame. Well, I do like popsci, so I shouldn't make fun of them.

eh, its cheap

It has tons of colorful ads on almost every ill be serious, It is really interesting and fun to read.

I love the FOUND artifacts from the future, its always the first thing I go to..its the biggest reason I look forward to it coming.

There is always at least two or three very interesting articles about computers or popular tv, sometimes about p2p or software that facinates me..

So, if you know a thing or 2 about technology, or you want to find out what a computer is :-)..subscribe!

And it is very affordable, because of the ads, so theres no point in questioning it..its worth trying, but be careful, they auto-renew..lousey bastar..It was hard when I moved to get a hold of them.