Reviews For Wired Magazine

Wired is Great

Over the years Wired has introduced me to some stuff that has made me very happy. It is a great variety of many different things, and I look forward to it every month.

Best Price for an Excellent Magazine

I am an older geek (demographically I am probably very OLD compared to the average WIRED reader) who enjoys staying informed about emerging and fast-evolving technology of every type/sort/ilk. Unlike other hard-tech magazines I read, WIRED is unique in that it places a "human" face on technology, no matter how razor-edged it might be. How many tech and/or hard science magazines even pretend to present the "big picture"? Humans are developing tech at a furious rate, and WIRED helps me ponder tech's implications/impact on society, the environment, finance, etc. Yes, I am interested not only in tech, but in hard and soft sciences, socio-economics, politics and other arenas which impact our world. WIRED satisfies all these interests.

An excellent read, look forward to it arriving each month

This a quite a magazine. Great for those of us with mild A.D.D. and need a fast paced interesting read. I have given it as gift to several friends and they all enjoy it.

Excellent and entertaining way to get information about technology that I wouldn't typically get exposed to otherwise.

For a long time my friend subscribed to Wired and I thought the magazine was too geeky for me, so I never read it. But one day last year I was casually looking through one at his place and was hooked on it! I got a subscription for myself after having borrowed his old ones, which he always wanted returned to him. I read this magazine for the entertainment and information about techie stuff that I don't typically get exposed to otherwise. They have a wide variety of products, technologies and companies represented in the articles, which keeps things interesting. I like to get cultural perspectives and ideas from reading it and I feel informed about what is happening with technology that will surely impact my life soon if it hasn't already without me knowing it.

Not Fluff, Not an Electronics Buying Guide

This magazine does not just high light the newest in gadgetry, but is an analysis of technology, and its social implications. It is fascinating to read the big picture, not big as in "internet" but big as in western civilication's impact on and changes caused by techonology and global communication.

Sure it shows you hot new gadgets, but it also predictions, explains and deduces what those gadget mean in the grand scheme of things.

It is always a fascinating read. Thumbs up!


The only magazine I read from cover to cover. Articles are well thought out and developed. Topics center on technology in the context of biology, science, business and culture. Even non-technically inclined people will enjoy reading this.

Can't live without it!

I've been an avid reader of Wired for over 7 years now. I was willing to go as far as to pay the exorbitant international subscription rates while I was living overseas in Europe. If you're like me and you like all things digital, you'll love Wired. It's truely rare that a magazine can elicit such keen interest for such a long time, but to this day, I still get excited when I see the latest issue on the newstands or when it arrives in the mail.

Great Stuff!...

Great stuff at a fantastic price -- how can you beat that? If you want the latest concepts in technology with a good flair for writing and art, read this magazine. For the low price, just the graphics are pleasing. Full-length investigative articles, great interviews, current games and gadgets.

What else should you read?

Got to know WIRED last September, hooked on to it since then. What else do you need to read if you are genuinely interested in getting to know what to happen?

Not just about technology or politics but more about techno-politics as in geo-politics or socio-politics. As technology plays more and more crucial role in every aspect of business, culture, politics and society, WIRED still shines as a guiding post for the readers looking for interdisciplinary insight into the future.

It seems other magazines or news media follow the issues two or three months after WIRED tackled them. WIRED also introduced me to further readings and great authors such as Lawrence Lessig and Scott McCloud to name a few. I highly recommend WIRED for anyone I meet.



Not Tired of Wired

As a faithful reader for many years I am pleased to report that WIRED still brings me the most innovative articles, thought-provoking "fiction," and eye-appealing layout. Although just about all of the other DOT COM-era pubs have faded away, WIRED continues to put out fascinating articles each and every month. I have to fight my 14 year old son for each issue. I have even caught my Luddite wife flipping through the magazine for its ad content or the occasional chart. When my 10 year old daughter starts reading WIRED it may be time for a second subscription.

Despite the deluge of online material still available, there is something to look forward to each month. When you flip through WIRED, you never know what the next page will bring. Industrial Technology, Internet Technology, Cyber-Politics, New products, Ethics, WIRED covers both the domestic US and International cyber beats as well. I know of no other single publication that covers this breadth of content. Even the advertisements are special and unique.