Reviews For Wired Magazine

Get yourself a copy.

One of the best forward thinking magazines out there. Innovative layouts and balanced reporting. I've enjoyed every issue.

Awesome Mag!

Took almost a month and a half for the first issue to finally show up. Well worth the wait though, excellent magazine. Would recommend to any tech head!

addicted since 1994

long time favorite! Just love to stack them every year! I always read wired more than once for sure! And the covers are the best! I'm proud to say I've subscribed for soooo long! Find out first with Wired!

Casual Technology Reading R'us

I love this magazine for casual absorption of random technology and success stories.

Best Price for an Excellent Magazine

I am an older geek (demographically I am probably very OLD compared to the average WIRED reader) who enjoys staying informed about emerging and fast-evolving technology of every type/sort/ilk. Unlike other hard-tech magazines I read, WIRED is unique in that it places a "human" face on technology, no matter how razor-edged it might be. How many tech and/or hard science magazines even pretend to present the "big picture"? Humans are developing tech at a furious rate, and WIRED helps me ponder tech's implications/impact on society, the environment, finance, etc. Yes, I am interested not only in tech, but in hard and soft sciences, socio-economics, politics and other arenas which impact our world. WIRED satisfies all these interests.

Great magazine

Great articles, great info, great pictures. Not much I don't like about this magazine. The one thing that sticks out is the declining new product coverage, but overall it is fabulous.

great stuff.

I've been reading wired since i was in middle school and prio to that i was reading popular science. Now its just wired popular sicence i found often to be laging behind in vision and gadget watch vs wired. They are diffrent publications yes but not with out their simulartiys. Wired is also a lot more fun.

Required reading for the internet generation

You know you have arrived as a publication when you've been spoofed on The Simpsons. Want to learn about the FBIs Carnivore, the hottest new PDA or get a sneak peek at the future of technolgy? Then Wired is the place to go.

Wired has set the standard for internet related publications and has even helped give voice to several important internet political organizations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Of course you can read Wired online, but there is just something about a real magazine with all the slick glossy ads. Very user friendly.

Great Mag for Gen X/Y/Z

Wired was one of the first mags to tackle the new digital generation. And they did it with gusto: raw reviews, edgy editorials, controversial topics and great feature stories. You always uncover insights into the future... how different technologies or political situations will impact our lives. Many other magazines have tried to copy Wired, but they still have my vote as the best for Gen X/Y/Z!!

Interesting magazine

I love this magazine. It is full of the most interesting array of trivia that you can imagine. I learn so much reading it. I highly recommend it to the kind of people who enjoy Mental Floss!