Reviews For Wired Magazine

the technokogu of the future

Although I like very much the monthly magazine I widpsh it was more focused on the gadgets coming out,very diversifited. It can teach you always new suvject


I used to read wired frequently myself, although I purchased this subscription for my husband, who otherwise reads non-fiction and online marketing publications for work. He seems to enjoy the magazine, as it is an entertaining read away from his day to day norm. He enjoys getting it in the mail.


Wired is an amazing magazine for those who want to learn more about cutting edge tech gear.
I find the information accurate and timely. The products that I have purchased after reading the magazine have worked very well.

Kenneth Haft

Glen Allen

Best Magazine Ever.

By far the most interesting magazine I've ever read. Cover to cover without a problem.

So far, so great

Well, folks, this is no tiny mag. I've had it for days and still haven't had time to read through even half of it. I love the cover story (the Web Is Dead) and s accompanying piece about how the internet is giving cable a run for its money and how I can set up my own home-internet-tv system. Comcast and Verizon, take that! Anyway, I'm totally happy with what I've gotten thus far and I look forward to finishing the rest of the mag - hopefully by the time I get the next one. I've been meaning to get WIRED for years and I'm glad I finally got around to it.

Very interesting

Has very interesting articles about the technology now and in the future. some range from Ipad and the evolution of tablets to a breakdown of the production and technical hauls for Toy Story 3.

the best

I enjoy and have enjoyed this magazine for close to 10 years.
extremely comprehensive balancing pop culture and tech all in a way that makes the reading enjoyable and informative.

Awesome Mag!

I got this as a freebie with a purchase but like it so much I will keep the subscription. A very witty survey of issues with good writing.

Perfect Magazine

WIRED is the perfect magazine for anyone that likes to read about computers, electronics, gadgets, modern day devices, the internet, articles about cyber crime, and anything nerdy really. It is almost a must for any 20-30 year old guy who wants to know more about the world we are and are about to live in.

Conscientious, in-depth stories

The story on the vaccine debate, thorium for nuclear energy, Clive Thompson's post - they all make wired a magazine I count on for maintaining an educated outlook on the world.