Reviews For Wired Magazine

Coolest Magazine Ever

I do not consider myself a computer/tech geek by any stretch of the imagination - however - I am amazed at the things I've learned and are fascinated by when reading WIRED. Can't say enough good things about the magazine that covers topics from global warming to what stuff really goes into your pet's food. Covers video games that I can talk to my sons about and things that make me feel smart - like about the human anatomy, etc. READ IT!

Best Mag in Publication

Wired is without doubt the best wider audience magazine in publication. It's consistent quirkiness and unpredictability is on display everywhere (in small print, upside down, etc) and there is hardly a white space in its margins. It's compressed high quality info. Its target audience is technology market "early adopters". It's an eclectic mix of current technology, trivia, art, techno-society and speculation. It's consistently prescient in its speculation ... the management keeps a tidy score. There are success stories and smoking-black-hole failure stories that push the reader's critical thinking skills.

I don't know how they make money selling subscriptions this cheap. It's an excellent example of an extraordinarily high cost, high quality printing.

The most original magazine in the world

WIRED continues to consistently amaze with its original ideas, very cutting edge graphics, and pure zest for innovation -- its own and that of others. However, this is not a high tech cheerleading mag -- it can be very critical of trends and "gadgets". Very highly recommended, and not just for "geeks"!

great magazine for active minds

You can't really pinpoint Wired, since it covers a wide range of topics. Its mostly geared toward people interested in science and technology, but it doesn't stay boxed in that all the time. You'll find odd articles once in a while such as on gardening or sex. Its by far one of the better made magazine out there.
One odd article i found recently: How to escape a zombie mob (and they give you specific directions on how to run)

very good articles

This magazine was gifted to me recently so I have only read a couple of issues, but so far I have been compelled to read them cover to cover.

my dads christmas present

my dad is a total technology geek, he asked for a subscription for this magazine for christmas so i got it for him. when he got his first issue he was ecstatic. thank you wired magazine for giving my dad the great feeling of anticipation between issues. and for giving him something to read that wont make him bored.

Great magazine!

I originally subscribed to this magazine because it was only a dollar, but have found it to be an awesome read. Even my wife loves it and she is not a tech weenie by any stretch of the imagination. What I love about it is the eclectic span of topics covered. Even though the name "Wired" leads you to believe it is aimed at the tech crowd, my wife and I find it to have articles every month that should appeal to just about anyone. Give it a try, I think you'll like it.

Always read Wired

Wired is not a magazine, it's an institution. They have their fingers on the pulse of all things new, and do a great job at finding the irony and humor in where we are going as a culture. Also makes a great gift.

I enjoy every issue cover to cover

This magazine isn't about which new [insert product here] is best, its about what ideas are changing the world or at least trying to. It lets you know how other people are thinking about improving technology and improving ourselves. I always find a pile of interesting facts and "why didn't we do that sooner" ideas every month. The first half of the magazine is made up of short one page articles with interesting tidbits if you want to relax for 10 minutes, but the back has some of the most interesting articles I've ever read. Anatomy of a nuclear reactor that by design won't go Chernobyl on us is just one example. Besides, for the cost of a few issues it just comes to you!

Great articles

Great, unique articles...from tech to engineering, always something for a good read and not the same things everyone else is writing about.