Reviews For Wired Magazine

Great information on Tech and the Internet

I have subscribed to this magazine for over four years. I like that this magazine is constantly fresh and doesn't seem to get stales. There are always great articles about what is new and upcoming in techonology, new trends on the Internet. Some magazines have a lot of filler and tend to be a vehicle for selling advertisements.

What makes Wired extra special is that they don't pander to products that they do advertising for. Unlike other computer related magazines they write about trends, and outstanding products. This leaves them more room for good reporting and less veiled advertising. They often feature articles written by famous people in techonology.

I have operated a cooking website since 1995, so I am familar with the Internet, and how it works. What I like about Wired magazine is that they constantly write about what's new and upcoming in trends for the online world, and they tend to be very on the mark with where the Internet is and where it is going.

If you are interested in techonology, and what is going on online this is the magazine for you. Wired magazine is fresh, and is free of pandering to the products they help advertise. I like that this magazine is high on content and low in advertisements. Always fresh content about new products in techonology, trends in the high tech world, and a good insight on the Internet make this magazine an excellent choice.

Always Interesting

I get lots of magazines. Some are in decline, TIME & P.C. for example, but I have found others that have an uncanny ability to hold my attention. WIRED is all about holding attention. WIRED also manages to avoid the prurient and I hope it continues to go for readers with ideas rather than exercise the bottom-feeding tactics resorted to by competitors and which have made television news an utterly useless exercise. There is no better magazine out there for staying current with the technological state of the art.

Magazines haven't changed--they have to offer something not available anywhere else in order to stay alive. WIRED has managed to find a seemingly impossible niche as the commentator of choice on cutting-edge technological and societal trends--which, interestingly enough, are most often inextricably combined. Some articles will be about technological advances, others scientific, some will be purely about the people behind the science--others about how the subject is changing society. It is a measure of the skill of the production team that WIRED has stayed ahead of the trends and manages to hit topical issues regularly and with unmatched depth. The newsweeklies can't keep up--they are dinosaurs in comparison.

WIRED has good editors. The articles that you hope will go long are usually long--longer than other magazines. Short observations are just that, short. Now, I thank all those reviewers who have identified the "north shore" scam, but overanxious marketing aside I look forward to each and every issue. It is always interesting.

Great for anyone.

As a graphic designer I use all diffrent kinds of technology but anyone can enjoy this magazine. Even if I don't buy the newest gadgets every month I still enjoy the adds ( for the way they are laid out and visual appeal) and the articles are very indepth and well writen. I will read it from cover to cover right after I get my copy then go back and read it again and once I know the articles by heart I use the layout and design inside as insperation for my work. Anyone that is interested in technology will not regret getting this magazine.

Wired has great variety

Wired has the perfect mix of articles ranging from tech to general. I would rather read this than any other general news-related magazine.

Best Magazine I Have Ever Picked Up

I have literally read thousands of magazines and books over the years but "Wired" is the only magazine I have ever picked up that I actually read from cover to cover. Every issue is filled with excellently written articles in the fields of science, computers, life in general, comedy, and future predictions. It is not the typical 90 pages of advertisements with 10 pages of text.
Well written.
Easy to follow.
Love it and highly recommend to anyone.

Great Magazine for all the wrong reasons

Chris and company do a great job creating entertainment and digging up the dirt in our world every month. Some of the great business lessons and government craziness have been presented in Wired Magazine.

The article on Thorium last year changed my entire outlook on the energy business. The article on Long Tail marketing for the music industry is a standard training tool in the marketing business.

Get wired, have some fun, learn some cool stuff and live a little better.

Excellent publication

Great stuff in Wired! Continuously good reporting and entertaining. I love the "What's in this item" column every month...animal fats in toothpaste, ek. Not too hard core techie, more mainstream technology issues, so everyone can relate to the articles. Highly recommended.

You must subscribe

I've taken Wired for a year and recently renewed. I was surprised at how much fun it is to read. This is not just a computer, techie publication. It is super-informative and may be the funniest magazine ever. I read every page each month. FYI - I'm a middle-aged man. My teen-aged daughter doesn't "get it," but my 22-year-old son loves it. My 79-year-old dad thinks it's OK.

Great Magazine, Great Info, Great Presentation

Wired, defintely one of the best publications related to the technology world. Beautiful format an presentation, writing is excellent, cutting edge, covers a wide array of technology topics. Great publication. Probably the best way to obtain a sneak peak into the future of technology.

Best Technology Magazine

I had subscribed to popular science and popular mechanics for years before picking up Wired and now I'll never go back. It's combination of ground-breaking articles, wit and style really set it apart. There isn't an issue I don't read cover to cover.