Reviews For Wired Magazine

Decent Magazine

I got a year subscription for a recent purchase so I had nothing to lose. Overall it's a nice mag, plenty of interesting articles to read. I was expecting something completely different than what the magazine actually is. I will definitely continue my subscription after my one year.

Too Many Ads

I was expecting so much more with this magazine. The articles are so so. I was expecting more tech articles. Oh well, maybe they will get better.

wired mag review

Just got my first issue and it seems to be a good read....good humor, good stories, look forward to my next one..

Great all-around magazine!

I started reading WIRED from my school's library. This year I am a different school, so I bought a 1 yr subscription. This magazine is perfect for the discriminating readers who want a little bit of everything. Science is a main part, but is subtlety hidden. Plus you won't feel embarrassed when your friends walk in, like other magazines such as People. Great for guys.

Great Magazine

This magazine is a great read - even if you're not a "techie".

It gives you an insight into ideas most people don't see on a day-to-day basis.

I would recommend this purchase.

Just as I remembered

Its been a while since i've subscribed to wired magazine.
Its just as good as it everwas.

Fun magazine

Fun magazine with interesting concepts. Stunning imagery and clever layout. It is an easy read, too and makes for great bathroom entertainment. I could do without the liberal bias, but it is pretty subtle and to be expected from a publication of this nature.

Great Gift.

Finding a great gift is a challenge. Having a son that has a passion for technology and computers made this a great gift. The first issue was immediately read cover-to-cover... that says it all!!

Good stuff

Wired Magazine is a very interesting and useful magazine, and at this price its even better. Its nice to know I'll always have a good, large magazine to read for bus and subway trips.

Good tech related topics

Provides good business articles but always with a tech twist. Many irreverent stories but always well written. A decent amount of electronic/tech trends and pop info too.