Reviews For Wired Magazine

Good for geeks

Always enjoy this magazine and read it cover to cover. I'd give it 5 stars were it not for its consistent leftward bias

Loosing its edge.......

For many years wired was THE magazine of a technological future, presenting technologically driven material as a world changing force. This was nerdiness without submission, and one could be interested in technology without retreating from the world. The world was becoming technology.

There was plenty of technocratic bombast, many things that were written about died in the cradle, and Wired was as closely linked to the dot-com boom as any publication, but few magazines could grasp the present, and grasp ideas of the future so well as Wired.

Wired also had a countercultural edge because it, simply because the people involved with it were willing to play with, or at least touch, any interesting and new idea that fell within Wired's orbit. This was not a magazine for everyone, but it fit its niche well.

Lately something in the tone of the magazine seems to be changing. Rather than reporting from the inside of the technologically driven world, it seems as if Wired is increasingly chasing celebrities, and involving itself with things that are trendy in the media world.

Wired is not gone, per se, but frankly, when you see Martha Stewart on the cover, apparently because she is famous, and has hired people to integrate, in no novel or overwhelming way, a website with her other media activities, it is safe to say that Wired is becoming disconnected with its audience. While many articles are still interesting, the number of good ones is declining, and the tone of the magazine has shifted. One gets a strong feeling reading it that many of the staffers used to work at Cosmopolitan or Time, and are really more interested in faddish popular crisis and fashion than they are in technology. I can't yet say that Wired is bad, and there is no good substitute for it that I know about, but unfortunately, it seems as if the magazine is heading downhill.

Worth the subscription and worth renewing

This is one of the very few magazines that I have renewed once the initial subscription ran out. Great articles for the technology geek and for just those who want to be informed of interesting contemporary events, items, and issues.

For A Wide Range of Interests - Recommended

It seems like "Wired" has generally improved over the past few years and is now a magazine that I look forward to reading. Wired covers a wide range of interests including technical inovations in medical, bio-engineering, computers, imaging, etc. Also covers artistic and political issues as well.

The writing is a bit hit and miss, but there is generally enough content that there is something worth reading in every issue. The gadget reviews alone do it for me.

At the low subscription price, this is a real value. Recommended!

Classy but ad-filled

I'm a long-time reader and new subscriber, and Wired doesn't seem to pack the punch it did the last few years. The multi-page advertising sections are creeping into Wired's otherwise excellent first-half sections. It seems the ad creep of the net has taken its toll on pulp as well.
That said, this puppy's solid enough to guide the casual tech investor and enthusiast, when balanced with more staid journals.
A quick flip through a newsstand copy will yield a card for Wired's... subscription.

Decent Magazine for the Cyberpunk Age (Today)

For years Wired has excelled for its superb reports of cutting-edge, innovative technology and ideas which are important parts of our current cyberspace internet technological world. Not surprisingly, it has often featured excellent writing by leading cyberpunk fiction and nonfiction writers, most notably William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. For these reasons alone it is well worth reading. But is it worth subscribing? Like several other reviewers, I am greatly concerned with Wired's "guerrilla marketing" techniques. Without question, these practices should be regarded as highly unethical and worthy of investigation by your local state attorney general or Federal Trade Commission. So my advice to you is simply caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.

Great for Techies and Non-Techies alike

I'm a non-tech person and love this magazine. There are certainly articles that are written above my non-tech head, but the majority of articles are very enjoyable. The stories are well researched and written, and the magazine often points out multiple points of view on a given issue. I take it to be a 21st century Popular Science with more opinion articles. Its a fun read.

technology, technology, technology

I first got this magazine because i am really into computers, but after a few issues i was amazed with the deep articles about all different types of technology. All the articles are deeply thought and very well researched and they hit the topics form all different angles giving you the entire scoop on what it means to you the consumer and how it could or will affect your life.
If you enjoy technology or are interested in all different forms of technology this is a "must read" magazine

Wired is for the new adopter

I enjoy Wired for the news, reviews, and updates regarding technology. I'm retired and no longer have the daily interaction and discussions about new technology that I'd had in the workplace. Wired helps to fill in the gaps. Some of the writers try too hard to be clever and don't quite have the intelligence needed for the job. This is a very liberal publication so anyone with a wide range of life experiences will find some of their leftist diatribes based too much on emotions and ignorance. It is better at opinion than at science or fact. That aside... it is a great magazine.

Review of Wired

Wide breadth of well-written articles; Subscription began relatively quickly. Overall a very good value.