Reviews For Wired Magazine

Cheap but little...

A great magazine...
it keeps me all tech'ed out even if it is just a passing interest of mine...
Definitely worth a buck a month, for a 10-25 minute read.
Although I could do with out all the advertisements, it doesn't take a moron to figure out that half the magazine is just that.

Great Magazine but more ads than content

This magazine is great, however, it seems to have more advertising than content. The good part is that most of the advertising is for stuff in which the reader of this magazine would probably be interested.

great gift idea

i bought this subscription for a 15 year old nephew. I had no idea what to get him for his birthday but it turns out WIRED has made him think and ask questions. I'm glad I didn't go for the rolling stone subscription. This actually has educational content and is helping him think about the future of technology and that it actually relates to and involves him.

Who's the audience?

Wired was once the Bible of the hipster techies. Today it's basically the GQ of those who aspire to tech hipsterdom: tech as "lifestyle", interspersed with beautifully photographed ads for expensive wristwatches. Not to say there's nothing of interest there, but the technical content has diminished over the years, and the flash content increased. Still engaging, but not hugely informative for those who are fairly knowledgeable.

techie facts and good reads

This magazine has a good mix of product review, everyday "fun" facts and tips (like how to check if your boss is monitoring your internet activity at work or how to increase your brain activity), and engaging articles (i.e. the scientific perspective on religion and atheism).

Definately still a trendsetter.

Although the "dot-com" craze has passed, this magazine has less to do with just websites, and more to do with technology (so don't let the title fool you). They usually have great articles on cutting edge stuff (genetic algorithms, quantam computing...) as well as reviews on lots of awesome tech "toys". The only drawback I see is that it's a more expensive magazine, but of course if you get a subscription it's far better.

See tommorrow today

I have been an off and on(currently) subscriber to Wired. I love looking at all the tech toys but they leave me feeling exasperated because they cost so much.It's like someday the price will come down. Remember what DVD players cost originally and what they cost now? How about camcorders, same deal? I also enjoy the articles that are far out but mainstream by some measurement of the future oriented readership. The magazine has a good pulse on society and what drives it forward. The information is contemporarily sci-fi-chic that is probably youth oriented but old grey beards like myself still can enjoy it for it's relevance. This is great stuff to look forward to each month that you might like in your mailbox. BTW, what ever happpened to RU Cirius?

Mailing labels are not removable - or are they?

This magazine uses mailing labels on the cover that do not come off easily. This discourages passing on the magazine, as I'd like my info private. Ripping off the label makes the magazine look ruined and not suitable for passing on. So I find it ironic (and suspicious) that Wired is not aware of this "problem". So I assume they choose the labels and adhesive intentionally for this effect. Rolling Stone, in contrast, like so many other magazines, use a nice removable adhesive that peels right off. I will not renew due to this issue, which is a pity. I feel sorry for all the creative people that create the content only to be continually sabotaged by stupid management decisions.

Edit: I suppose the first two issues I got were sent from a back-fulfillment deal? Because the newest Sept issue comes in a plastic bag so there is no mailing label madness at all. So I feel silly with my complaint now, but I'll leave it posted I guess.

Still kept a star because ads and content are too often indistiguishable. Which is intentional supposed marketing genius, but I think it reduces credibility.

One-stop read for all things tech

Great magazine for keeping up with all things tech but also exploring how technology helps people deal with their jobs and improve their home lives.

cool stuff

I got my magazine really quickly- 3 weeks after ordering! It's an awesome magazine for techies and has some really interesting articles. I personally look forward to it coming every month.