Reviews For Wired Magazine

Entertaining, but techie fluff

I *DO* enjoy reading Wired's articles that cover topics outside of my expertise.... but I found that articles written about topics within my expertise are poorly researched, poorly written, and distortions of the "latest and greatest" science fad. It seems as if Wired authors use Wikipedia as their primary source. Needless to say, I lost faith in what I had been reading and enjoying and I'm seeking information elsewhere. But what really turned me off was the snarky "Letters to the Editor" section, where the editors will rebut any comment that their articles are overblown fluff. Read it online -- it's not worth any of your money.

Wired for the Modern World

Wired is a semi- interesting magazine that blends together articles about technology with those on politics, culture, and more. This magazine is aimed at a diverse audience but it generally caters to those who are technology savvy and like to keep up with the latest world events.

Wired dedicates most of its pages to the discussion of electronics and other technology and computer nerds form a large percentage of the magazine's core subscribers. Articles about digital cameras, high definition televisions, internet marketing, and other like topics can be found in every issue. These articles often present unique angles on common problems and concerns in the world of high tech.

What makes Wired interesting is the fact that it includes other articles on other subjects- topics that one normally would not associate with a technology magazine. It is common to find articles about popular culture, politics, and other topics and they sometimes seem out of place. One minute you're reading an article about PDA's and the next minute you're reading an article about the war against Iraq. It's a little weird but it also makes for a nice change of pace as you read.

Another interesting fact with Wired is that it changes its authors more frequently than other magazines. The magazine has a few regulars but it likes to shuffle the writers around each month. This can be good and it can result in articles that present new and different perspectives each month. But it also means that the magazine is a little uneven and can sometimes include articles that do not communicate the way they should. I can recall reading several articles that left me scratching my head, wondering why the editor didn't make additional changes so that the articles were clearer.

The departments in Wired cover a large percentage of the space in every issue and they exceed the total length of many other magazines' department sections. The departments (with the exception of one) occupy the first two- thirds of each issue. The monthly featured articles are found near the end of each issue. This layout is different from other magazines that mix the departments and monthly features together. With Wired, the departments and featured articles are kept separate.

Overall, I like Wired as a whole and the political articles rank as my favorite part of each issue. The magazine jumps around from topic to topic and the authors change more frequently than other magazines; two facts that could make Wired a little too scattered for certain readers. Some of the articles are not the best written I have ever seen but Wired is still a good enough magazine to recommend. It keeps readers current on technology, politics, business, and entertainment with a reputation for being modern and hip.

Not bad but used to be better, and as with any tech magazine, is outdated as soon as you get it...

I used to subscribe to WIRED magazine roughly ten years ago, but stopped when the content became more gloss and less substance.

With that said, for casual nerdy readers, WIRED is a great magazine. The articles are usually very interesting and it always offers new information that wouldn't necessarily be readily available elsewhere.

The biggest problem is that technology these days evolves so rapidly that, like financial publications that purport to give advice about stock trading, as soon as the material has been published it is already outdated.

If you are interested in WIRED magazine, I would recommend instead adding the WIRED website (or Slashdot DOT org) to your internet browser's bookmark list and just checking that daily -- the content is always updated quickly and will be more relevant.... and it's free.

A bit one track

This magazine has some interesting material but because it aims to be based in the state of the art science, some of the content is pretty extreme. So order it and expect to be able to get thorugh some of the articles but not all, unless you yourself are a scientist or Techie.

Maybe I'm Too Old

Though I am pretty tech savy at an older age, much of what Wired covers is over my head. I realize that much of it is science focused, so I give it to my son-in-law. He loves it.


mag is ok it was free so cant really complain but its ok to look at

Good content, but too LOUD!

This mag does a fine job at covering the latest in technology and culture. However, the flashy graphics and overabundance of advertisements make it so difficult to read!

Thanks, WIRED, for assuming your readers have no attention span.

Need patience...

I ordered it on 9/4/08, it's been almost 6 weeks now, I still haven't gotten my first issue of the magazine. So... if you are ordering it as a present for someone, order EARLY!! Hopefully it'll be here soon :(

Techno-Fetishism Monthly

Wired's typography and information design have always fairly screamed "We Are Cool And You Are Not", as an in-crowd come-on to geeks who always hungered to be thought of as kewl. It's very best writing reaches the level of Entertainment Weekly, but it's primarily a shill-rag for memes that profit power-players, replete with power-worship and techo-fetishism. For better or worse, though, it's must reading if you want to understand where the "thought leaders" are headed -- in much the same way that EW or People Magazine is must reading for people who want to understand where popular culture is headed.

Wired Magazine

I tried this magazine for six months. It has good content, but is not of my desired reading.