Reviews For Wired Magazine

The survivor!

If you are interested in the digital world this is a good magazine to read. It is good and informativ and is interesting to many levels of technology experts. A few years ago there were a lot of magazines in this category and most failed. There is a reason this is one of a very few who survived!

one of the best magazines.

I think everyone should have one of these in his house or office. it has a useful information about sience and too many useful great ideas and great people. better than the gossip magazines.

I love it..

I Love This Magazine

Do you like anything? Chances are WIRED will cover it. If you enjoy nothing, it's in there too! (Ketel One Ad)

For the guy who loves gadgets and hot off the press electronics...this mags for you.

For the woman who enjoys seeing new kitchen appliances or time saving devices such as the Roomba...ask your husband to order this magazine.

Wired hooks you up

Great articles that you cannot find anywhere else. I also use the photographs as mini posters. THis is an informative and fun magazine.

Lovely, even for Mac users

If you're a Mac user, you'll like wired. It's not a Mac mag, but it's got more coverage than you'd think. It's also just hip--just like we are. It's the best tech mag out there, and the price is amazing. Go for it!

Just the right sized articles for a techie's morning routine

Title says it all. Great mag

My favorite technology publication.

I wait patiently for each release of Wired, it is my bible. Praise technology, praise Wired.

Simply, the best!

Wired is THE PLACE to find your way in the digital world. Wired is Wired, the others are Tired.

Better Than It Was.

First, you don't have to be a computer geek or nerd to enjoy this magazine. I am not fond of these overused generalizations. How many of us could cross over or fit into many odd & often out of date labels? This magazine is mainly forward looking about technology, electronics, & computers. I found that I like it more now than a few years ago. The quality & style has improved. It could always have less advertising, but that is not likely.

This is a very different type of resource, which is refreshing. It is aimed at a more diverse audience, it mixes technology, politics, & aspects of what we call "pop culture." I have often thought that the latter term is oxymoronic? It varies from 170-250 pages per issue. These are its various departments. Rants & Raves: it has features & letters to the editor. Start: brief articles on electronics, science business people, architecture, art, & politics. Play: video games, cars, books, music, & entertainment media. Posts: articles on the internet, technology, & business. Found: is one page at the end of each issue subtitled as "Artifacts From The Future."

The remainder of the magazine contains 7-8 articles of varied length & quality. With more details about business, technology, philosophy, & politics. Some articles are not always very clear & seem out of place, or unfinished. This magazine still suffers a bit from a lack of tying up loose ends. But, on the whole it is worth reading for the diversity of its contents.

Best magazine on the digital world

I bought my first copy of Wired from the newsstand in 1997 and I have been a subscriber ever since. Not every issue is great and the change in style over the last few years has been up and down. Still, the vast majority of the time I find myself devoting 2-3 hours after its arrival in the mail to reading it from cover to cover. The articles cover every aspect of technology and society. Features on the Microsoft trial, the Open Source movement, and biotech are what anyone would expect in a tech magazine. What sets Wired apart are stories on roller coasters, ship bone yards and autism. When I was stationed in Korea for a year it was not practical for me to transfer all my magazine subscriptions. Of the two I transferred, Wired was at the top of the list. If I could only subscribe to one magazine, it would be Wired.