Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

Great price

with the promotion i ended up getting a 2 year subscription for my fiancee for 5 dollars. great deal.

Seventeen is Amazing!

This magazine is still amazing! I started reading a couple years ago when I was about 13 and I loved this magazine. I suscribe to Seventeen and CosmoGirl! and Seventeen is the magazine I would definitely recommend. The issues have sections about fashion, which help readers find clothes that help flatter their body type WITHOUT showing everything. There are also more serious sections, like the Health section that gives readers advice on how to eat right. There is also section that helps readers learn about sex. Yes, sex. But before cautious parents say no to this magazine, you should know the truth. These articles give readers stories about other readers' experiences, information about birth control, the truth about std's, and answers readers' questions. Now, this may sound like Seventeen is encouraging sexual activities, but I am 16 and I think that this magazine is answering questions that may be difficult for readers to ask an adult. In this last issue, there was an article talking about different viewpoints of the war in Iraq, which is to get readers thinking about more than just fashion and makeup. They have pretty good celebrities on the cover as well. The February issue, I believe, had Vanessa Hudgens on the cover. While some parents may disprove of Vanessa, the interview with her actually made me understand what she went through. I think this is a fantastic magazine. I plan on suscribing to it until I'm 30! :)

Great Magazine

This is an amazing magazine for anyone ages 13-18. It's has informative articles and some serious stuff, but it also is chock-full of fun stuff and "girly" things like "The Right Guy for you" and "Who's your makeup muse?",. This mag is perfect for any girl, whether you're a tomboy or a girly-girl. I am 13 and in eighth grade, and I really luv it!!!

This Magazine is GREAT, period.

I am 13, and I have to say, I know I'm still a young child, but I am growing, and I am becoming curious about different things and am changing in so many ways. Seventeen is one of the magazines that actually makes a difference in my life. It is fun, but also informs me on many things that will eventually cover several aspects of my life. I don't recommend this magazine for anyone under 12 (Seventeen doesn't have that much innapropriate information for young teens. Parents, I do consider that you review Seventeen before you let your child read it. Seventeen does NOT focus too much on celebrities, even though they will have one or two sections in each issue relating to celebrities. They have the fashion section, which has tons of actually useful style tips and embrace ALL body types. The beauty section has great tips on how to apply your makeup, and they have different looks, so you don't only have one makeup look where they have a bunch of makeup and it is overpowering your face. There are lots of options. There are the feature articles, which are always fun to read (and informing). I definitley will continue subscribing to this magazine because I thoroughly enjoy it, and I hope that you will too. But, the only way to really know if you like it is to check it out at a your local grociery store or drugstore. It all comes out to YOUR opinion, not mine, but I hope you enjoyed this review.

My Favorite

I have subscriptions to a few magazines, and I have to say, SEVENTEEN, is the one I'm always looking forward to. This magazine has a little bit of everything- fashion and make-up tips, how to be healthy (not just stick thin!), tips for school, fun (not very useful, but fun) stuff on guys and love, teen stories, and important information to be aware of. It's fun, but also informing.

The models are normal girls, and this mag shows things that not only a size 0 or 2 girl can wear, but also clothing that can be worn by a girl who's size 4, 8, or 16. Many styles from girly to goth are shown, not just one. The clothing and accessories are also affordable, and can be found at stores in your nearby mall.

SEVENTEEN isn't all fashion. It's really all about embracing who you are and making the most of life. It's about feeling good about yourself and loving yourself for who you are, and not what you aren't. I've used some of the tips on health, skin care, feeling good, and make-up, and you know what? They do work, and are actually helpful (***gasp***).

The celebrity interviews are very good, and such that you can relate to them. The stories about things in teens' lives are also very good- some are sad, but they all make you aware of what really goes on out there.

It's a wonderful magazine. It doesn't have an overload of ads like Teen Vogue or Elle Girl, while still including fashion (though I will say not as much as these two mags, because these two are almost entirely all how to look good). SEVENTEEN however, has a bit more fashion than Teen People, Teen People having more stories and such (though it is right up there with SEVENTEEN). SEVENTEEN is a happy medium. It's an awesome magazine!

Seventeen is not just another stupid mag for teens

I found this magazine because one of my favorite actresses was on it- I know, sallow sorta-. I bought this magazine pretty much because she was on it. I now understand this is an amazing magazine. It focuses on real problems for teenage girls from the ages of 13-20. It has real stories, stuff about the celebrities and how we can learn from them, and some fashion. It has a great mixture, which makes for a great magazine. With it's realistic topics and amazing fashion- which it affordable! - It makes for a great magazine to just sit down and read for advice on many things girls need some help on. I think this is a very well rounded magazine with hope for others out there!

Great Magazine!

I love this magazine. It is really good for young girls and young women. It gives you advice on shopping, health, beauty, love, and more. And the models are not just skinny white blondes with blue eyes. There are girls that are diffrent races,and body shape. Buy this magazine!!!!

Why I think Seventeen isn't just another magazine!!!!!!

Seventeen isn't just a magazine, it is something that you can grow old with. It not only gives advise it can change your life and even save lives and insprire the young people of today to become something more in life. And the fashion side of the magazine is great too, you can see the fashion is real and something South African's can really wear. I think Seventeen will go a long way.

Fun, interesting teen magazine

Seventeen magazine covers most issues girls want to hear about and I love it! There are most embarassing moments, fashion, help columns and a lot of things to help girls if they need it. Every girl at my high school reads Seventeen and it has almost become an item to help one's social status! I find it entertaining and fun to read; I love Seventeen!

How this magazine helped me!

This magazine helped me in all different kind of ways. One of which is being more popular in high school. This magazine has let me know that I can buy any kind of clothes and look my best. I know that I'm more confident about going out in public now that I read this magazine. I would strongly recommend reading this magaizne and giving it a chance. I've talked my eight-teen year old friends to give it a chance.