Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

Awesome mag

It has so many pages full of awesome stuff. Ive seen them for like (many more) dollars before, and for (this price) - that's awesome. teen's for like that much, and this is like twice as much!!!!!!!!!!!

i abouslutely love this magazine!!

i just love this magazine. i love everything in it. from fashion and beauty to makeovers and hair products. it also has one of my fave things in it, makeup!! i love it. genious!! keep up the good work. i give it 5 stars, too bad they don't have another 5. i will continue my subscription! simply wonderful!!


A few years ago, Seventeen used to be nothing but one huge ad for pretty boys and makeup. Under Atoosa's leadership, it has become mature and interesting. I appreciate the articles on politics, government, and world affairs. The magazine has is a great education for young girls

Stop looking so's just a fun mag!

I've read some of the reviews here and everyone has to just stop looking so deep into everything. So what if a girl enjoys reading about celebs and make-up? Does that mean that she is not concerned about other things and not serious and inteligent also? Give me a break..I love this magazine and read it for enjoyment, not much else. It's fun and informative, and guess what?!...I still care about the world's issues and do well in school. So, if you are a teenage girl, just looking for a fun read, I highly recommend Seventeen. Just enjoy it!

Great Magazine

Seventeen is a great mag for teens 14-19. It has great articles about politics and affordable clothes for the average teen.

Helpful Hints For Teenage Survival

Seventeen Magazine offers an array of information and advice for the difficult teenage years. It is presented in a clear and concise fashion, with colorful illustrations, simple language and the magazine readily addresses issues that interest pre-teen and teenage girls. It is always offering tips for self improvement and gives a teen options for handling everyday problems. It discusses issues which teens may have difficulty discussing with their parents or peers. It offers sound and moral advice concerning problems, health, nutrition, fashion and everyday living. Articles address such concerns as loosing a loved one, Aids, and popularity. The fashions presented are age appropriate and appealing to both mother and daughter. I would certainly rather see me daughter read this magazine then some of the other trash available. An annual subscription is inexpensive. It is a fun way for girls to pass some time on a lazy afternoon.


Better than Most

I'm young so I'm an avid reader of magazines for teenagers. I've tried everything from Teen to Seventeen and I'm gonna have to say Seventeen is probably one of the better ones.
Seventeen magazine is aimed at older teens and I think it does a good job of pleasing the demographic it's aiming for. It's packed full of articles on colleges, trends, media, and fashion. What I was most pleased to see from Seventeen throughout the past year that most magazines havent done is the fact that they more often then not try to fit in some articles on fashion for plus sized teenage girls. Magazines such as teen rarely do that. Seventeen however seems to try harder to promote healthy body images and not the oh so popular "anorexic look." Being a plus sized young female myself I really appreciate the info on stores that carry larger sizes and the styles that look good for my body type.
Seventeen also has some awesome columns such as "tough stuff" and "sex and body" which deals with things such as safe sex, incest, abuse, drugs and alcohol. Plus they have the awesome "your room" section where every month they view the room of a reader or celeb and show you all the cool stuff that you could do to yours.
Frankly, I think Seventeen magazine is worth the price for all the cool articles and info you get from it. They seem to try harder to please their readers than other magazines do, also this mag is always larger than the others so you know you get more to read. If you purchase any magazines for teen girls then I think this is probably the one.


Seventeen: taking a step away from teen

I started out reading Teen when I was 13 years old. I really enjoyed it, but after a few years when I turned 16 or so I didn't want to know how 13 year olds were solving their problems, I was past that. So my mom, in her attempt to keep from getting involved in the questions I had started asking, bought me a subscription to Seventeen.

The first time I looked through it I have to tell you I wasn't satisfied. I didn't read anything I just looked through and saw the same magazine I had been reading, just with older models. Then I got sick and was stuck in bed, so I decided to "read" through it.

I started with the "Why me?!" section. It's the part they stick all the way at the back, and girls write in and tell about their most embarrassing moment. In Teen magazine they always say something like, "I spilt mustard on myself when I was talking to my biggest crush, and he laughed.", only a little longer. Which to me didn't seem like that big of a deal anymore. I read on to find that people were having problems in their life that didn't have to do with embarrassing themselves in front of their crushes.

I started to enjoy my Seventeen Magazine and it even helped me to choose the post high school school that I want to go to.

It's laid out like Teen, but for an older group of girls(and on occasion boys). Just the next step I guess, now all I need is to find a mag. called 20 something, what do you think?


Still one of the best

I have not read Seventeen in quite sometime, but I know that it is still going strong and is a great read for teens.

When I was in high school and even middle school, I read this magazine religiously. I got all kinds of useful info out of it for upcoming events, fashion tips, boys, and tons of other stuff.

Granted, there is some questionable information in this magazine that my mom didn't approve of because of my age, but once you get beyond that, this mag offers plenty of information that is great for teens. I believe that Seventeen hits home with articles pertaining to eating disorders, obesity, family problems, skin problems, boys, dating, and many more topics. I could always get an answer to a personal question from this magazine. If I was too embarrassed to ask my mom or the school nurse, I could usually get it from the columns of questions in this mag and not have to worry about sounding dumb or being asked a million questions.I think that this magazine is a great resource for teenagers to go to, to alleviate stress and emotional discomfort from a family member or a stranger.

This mag doesn't concentrate on immature things that do not pertain to what a teenager might ask or need to know. I feel that this is important to a girl that wants to know things that may be troubling her or that she has questions about. I don't feel that this is a bad magazine in anyway. As I said, some of the material is questionable for a girl under say 15, but that's why it is titled "Seventeen", it is geared for the older teens that have life, personal and family questions that need or want unbiased opinions.


Can't live without it!!!

Seventeen magazine is a great magazine for teens. This magazine is more than pictures of some of the hottest stars. This magazine has everything. There is a place in the magazine where you can send in your comments on the magazine. If your letters are really good they will publish them in their magazine. If you enjoy embarassing moments in the magazines then you will love seventeen. Their embarassing moments are truly humiliating. This magazine also gives a calendar of special events involving celebrities. They also give great fashion tips. They also have a section for writing in and asking questions about personal problems. If you have a question about a boyfriend, or a friend you can write and if you're lucky they'll answer your question. They also have interviews with some of the best artists like Christina Aguilera and Backstreet Boys. My favorite part of the magazine,however,is the quizes. They have quizes about everything. I really like this magazine a lot. This magazine is for a more mature teen but it is a fun magazine. I'd recommend it to any teen who wants to be informed .