Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

The best teen mag out there!

It is the best. Thicker and Juicer, It's like the Cosmopolitan(c) of teen. Lots of style, fashion, fun, and flair in every issue. Great for girls 13 and up!

This magazine is pretty awesome!

I'm only 12 years old, but this magazine is still cool. At first I thought it would be boring and "grown up," but my friend let me borrow an issue and I love it! I was getting a different magazine but I saw your price for Seventeen and I'm definetly switching. It has everything from quizzes to beauty tips. This magazine is pretty awesome!

Seventeen magazine subscription

I ordered this subscription as a surprise for my 15 year daughter. It arrived just before her birthday. When she realized it was something for her birthday she said "I love you Mom"


I love this magazine, mostly the August & September. They came out with there new one i love it You can get taller & skinnier in 2 weeks. Actually look but it still great. Im updated with celeb gossip, im updated with the HOTTEST fall fashions! I just love this magazine, you got everything. Funny stories, coupons, freebies, etc. I never won a freebie but im still trying (i been for 4 months). So this is a great magazine for a 13-20 year old girl. Great for a gift so subscribe today!! =)

Seventeen ROCKS!

I love Seventeen magazine! It was one of the first magazines I subscribed to. I think it has it all, basically. And it's not as "CHEEZY" as some of the other teen magazines out there. It's really great!

Fabulous! Complainers: Just Shush

Seventeen is one of my favorite magazines. It's interesting, fun, nicely-layed out. It's a great magazine!

I totally disagree with people who think that magazines such as Seventeen are filled with skinny girls in bikinis--it's not true. I think people just like to complain. Seventeen is a good magazine, a great magazine, and it's not there to take away your body image insecurities, so I don't see why some people are so anti-teen magazine. Sure some are more positive then others, but there's no point in getting all worked up about things like that. Though I see your point--(if this applies to you)--but Seventeen is a good, fun magazine. So relax and enjoy!

Not just ANY teen mag!

There are so many magazines that focus on either celebrities or fashion or makeup. I'm glad to find one that has all of them! Moreover, I love the fact that they not only recommend expensive stuff like many fashion mags do, they also have so nice and affordable stuff as well. I'd say it's the best mag I've read, ever!

Great Magazine

This is one of my favorite magazines. It has many features and is longer and more mature then the average 'teen magazine'. Very different, from the days where common articles were about losing weight by practicly eating nothing, to loving your body for how it is. It includes tips on fasion, style, guys, and other things. It also includes horoscopes, celeb info, and other fun features. Highly recomended for girls who can't get enough of 'teen merchendice'. I also recomend 'Teen Magazine'.

Great Magizine

This is a very good magizine It has pretty much every thing in it.I reccomend subscribing to it. It is alot cheaper that way.

A Perfectly Well Rounded Magazine

This magazine is a perfect magazine for anyone. It has true life and drama, make up, beauty, health, a monthly interview on the cover girl (or girls), and so much more. They have great monthly workouts that focus on certain parts of the body like buns, abs, and legs, and the good thing is...they actually work! They have so many things to offer that I am not surprised it's the most widely read women's magazine in the country!