Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

Gift to Grandaughter

I gave this two year subscription as a gift for my grandaughter's fifteenth birthday. She is very pleased and has commented several times on how much she enjoys getting the magazine. I'm only sorry I didn't think of it before.

Fast deliver

We bought this subscription for my fifteen year old daughter as a birthday gift. She kept asking when the magazine would start arriving. I told her it usually takes 6-8 weeks for the first issue. This was not the case at all! It was only a matter of a few weeks and she was so excited to get her first issue! This is a magazine I grew up with and now my daughter gets to do the same.

I love seventeen!

this is the only magazine subscription i pay attention to. they have awesome freebies, tips, and deals you can find, and the magazines always come in time.

Seventeen is an open-minded magazine and its not for prude people!

hello guys! I was reading peoples reviews about seventeen review, I mostly see people say that it is inappropriate magazine. I think that is ridiculous. If people can't handle seventeen magazine, just read american girl magazine, american girl magazine is good, but I think its prude today. Anyways, seventeen I've been reading it since 1999. And its still the best magazine today. It covers beauty products that you can afford most of the time and body confidence.And exercise tips and it talks about safe sex. even though you shouldn't have sex in a young age, teens still do and thats why seventeen guides you what are the protections you can use. it even talks about real life issues such as do you think gay marriage should be legal or not? It talks about real life issues and I think thats great. I think its stupid how prude mothers don't let their daughter read seventeen and worse censor it. lets get to the point, you daughter is going to know about sex later in life and if you rip out the stuff you think that is inappropriate, then later in life, shes going to have trouble with her sexuality. and possible close-minded. Seventeen is such a confident magazine, I always suffered with going to the beach because I have stretch marks. I read the body section column jess Weiner and she said that love you body and don't let flaws get in the way. I was so confident that I went to the beach. whether your a teen or adult, seventeen is always for you. remember seventeen isn't for prude and close-minded people.

Best deal in town.

I ordered this for my 14 yr old granddaughter. She loves this magazine and was very happy to hear it is a two year subscription. I got Extra hugs & kisses...

seventeen magazine

my teenager loves the magazine, it tells all she need to know about clothes and shoes, etc.

Love this mag!

I love this magazine...I'm so excited to read it when it comes in the mail! Great gift for teenage girls!: )

Best Teen Magazine Out There.

I have been a reader of Seventeen magazine for the last 5 years and it is the best magazine I have ever gotten. It's filled with fashion, interviews, make-up/hair ideas, fitness, body issues and current events. Perfect for girls from about 14 to 18.

My daughter loves this magazine!

My daughter loves all of the fashion, make-up, nutrition and exercise articles as well as celebrity 'gossip'. Sure was cheaper than buying them each month!

I love giving this as a gift to teens

Teen girls love getting Seventeen as a gift. It is a gift that they get to enjoy all year long. My daughter cannot wait until the next month's magazine comes in the mail.