Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

There's A Reason Why Seventeen Is #1

This is a wonderful magazine for your typical teen. It gives reasonable priced things to buy, tells you what to wear and how to wear it, gives you great makeup and guy advice, tries to encourage you to be politically and socially aware, and helps you learn to be healthy and fit. It's an all-around wonderful magazine. I used to love YM, but I'm beginning to outgrow it... Seventeen should last me through college at least...

the best mag i've read...

seventeen is one of the best mag's i've read in, (*thinks*) a few months. they have a good mix of fashion and read worthy articles in-between those two covers, and i would highly (HIGHLY!) reccomend this magazine! :0) :0)


Tells you about anything and everything you want to know!! LOVE IT!

Seventeen is da bomb!

Seventeen is totally rockin'! it has cool beauty tips, great fashion tips, and good advice on hard questions! plus it gives you the deal with your fave celebs, like who's doing what, and it has reviews on books, movies, and music! it rox!


*Fashion tips for girls of all sizes and styles
(Preppy, Sporty, Punk, ETC.)

*Make-up tips

*Stories about girls experiences with abuse, guy trouble, ETC.

One of the best teen magazines

Seventeen has been around for 60 years, and tons of teenagers have grown up with it. Recently, Seventeen got a new look and feel, with more mature articles and interesting features for older teeens. Seventeen is good for those teens who feel like they've outgrown other teen magazines but want one that will guide them through college and beyond.

Seventeen features many stuff that teens like to read about- the latest celebrity news, CD and movie release dates, fashion and beauty tips, love and romance, real-life stories, fun stuff to do, and more. As an added bonus, Seventeen covers more worldwide issues then other teen magazines and gives them to you from a teen's point of view. Seventeen also gives you plenty of college and sex advice, which older readers will connect with.

What I love about Seventeen is not only the plentiful amounts of news and real-life stories, but also that it features many bargain items in the Fashion section that are awesome and affordable. Seventeen is a wonderful magazine for bargain shopppers- it features plenty of clothes, make-up, hair products, and jewelry for those with smaller budgets. Additionally, the health and fitness pull outs in each issue are wonderful! Seventeen has plenty of nutrition tips and simple workouts that'll have you seeing lots of results fast.

Seventeen is a wonderful magazine overall- highly recommended.

#1 teen magazine

A couple days ago, I read this magazine for the first time. I immediately fell in love with it! I've read other teen magazines such as TeenPeople and YM, but they don't contain as good of quality material as Seventeen. I like that Seventeen has a section for colleges, giving you the SAT score and other useful facts that you may want to know.

I also enjoy the health section with the various exercises for different parts of your body. I was looking for new ways to get stronger arms (I'm an archer) and this pullout helped me a lot.

Another thing I like about the magazine is the real life section. In the last issue, I learned about the FARC rebels and how they kidnapped innocent kids in Colombia, and forced them to kill others. I think that it is necessary for teens to learn about the world and other stuff than boys and fashion.

I'm not saying that these two items should be ruled out. I like the articles on how to understand guys and how to find a bathing suit that looks good on you. I think that these topics are other important topics in some people's lives.

Overall, I think that Seventeen is an excellent magazine that displays various topics that are important to teenagers. I suggest that you read this now, because after I press 'enter', I'm going to go and fill out my subscription to Seventeen. I hope you do to.

Seventeen stays young after nearly 50 years!

Seventeen is still the best teen mag on the market, and for more than its excellent advice on style and cosmetics. The magazine features designer wear, sure, but never forgets that its target audience is exactly that - teens. The articles are fascinating and relevant to issues that affect us all. Over the years Seventeen has covered teen pregnancy, date rape and cults. You don't have to be seventeen to enjoy it - moms who loved it can still enjoy it with their own daughters. Highly recommend


This magazine has everything you could ever imagine. It is definatly worth buying. You will have so much fun reading it, it is definitly better than all those other teen magazines!!

Same for this generation as those past

This subscription came much faster than expected which is a plus. My daughter, who is 15, really enjoys it much like I did way back in the day. Good purchase - Fantastic price!