Reviews For Seventeen Magazine


great magazine at a great price with a very quick rate to ship it to you i highly recomend if u are into this mag

Great magazine for a young teen

If your looking for a magazine for your young teenager, Seventeen Magazine is great! I never let my young teen read any magazine before I look through it thoroughly. Other magazines just don't seem age appropriate. It has everything in it a girl could want, such as fashion, stories written by other teens, contest and much more.

Great for ages 12-21!!!

Seventeen is definitely NOT what it used to be. There is something for everyone, from AMAZING fashion and beauty articles that cater to girls of all skin colors and body types to scintillating stories on politics, health, and issues that affect real girls, such as teen pregnancy and eating disorders. The sex articles are for older girls only, but they do offer some sobering thoughts (read the "Hook-Up Report" in the July 2005 issue and you'll know what I mean.) It promotes self esteem and isn't all about how to attract boys, like its slightly less mature counterpart, Girls Life. It shows all sides of a variety of touchy issues. I recomend Seventeen to all girls of all races, creeds, and political standings.

I Can't Wait For The Next Copy Each Month

Seventeen has been my favorite magazine since last year. The makeup tips are good and things you can wear to school (ex pastel eyeshadow). I love the fashion. They don't put overpriced items in their mag and in the last couple of issues they've had coupons. The fitness section is packed with healthy eating tips and workouts. Another one of my favorite sections is the real life sections. Some of the stories the readers tell are shocking. Like that time when Seventeen featured an article about a mother killing her daughter because she had lost her virginity. I can't wait for the next issue to come out.

Great Quality Magazine for Teens!

I started getting Seventeen a year ago, and have not stopped reading it since. It's an excellent magazine for teen girls, and it's a great quality magazine as well! I started getting CosmoGirl too, but I definitely like Seventeen better. It's a much better quality magazine, and has much more articles that relate to lives of normal teen girls other than stars. I love the fashion ideas, especially around back-to-school time. The clothes in the magazine are not only in style and from the trendy stores, but are also reasonably priced.

A Life Magazine

Seventeen first appealed to me when my older sister started to read it. As soon a she put it down and went to do something else, I would flip through it. What really caught my eye, was the stories. They have stories from real people about real things that are fascinating to read! And I loved how they didn't just put celebrities and fashion into the magazine, like most other magazines do.
I also appreciate the fact that they publish readers' mail. I think it's really cool to know that a magazine cares about their readers' opinions.
I first read an issue of Seventeen at age 11, and plan to keep reading it through out my life. Seventeen isn't one of those magazines that are meant for little preppy teenage girls! This magazine is for all ages and all personalitoes! There is always something in there that even the toughest of critics will look at and be impressed with. My mother, loved this magazine!
I recommend this life magazine to all people, of all ages at any point in their lives.

Better than the competition

Seventeen has a great editor. She transformed the magizine from ad space to interesting, well-written articles. It has a good amount of beauty, fashion, and hair tips but it also talks about more current issues, like gays, child abuse, suicide, health and eating habits, religon, ect. Dont get me wrong, this magizine isnt depressing or anything, it acually maintaines it's upbeat tone throughout. But it does it without making my brain turn to mush. enough said.

The best magazine out there with CosmoGIRL!

I have been getting this magazine for the past 3 years and have never been truly disappointed. The first time I picked it up, I was astonished at how wonderful the articles were and the diversity of the models. In recent years, the models have gone from only size 2 to sizes 0-24! This is indeed an enormous improvement in the fashion world!
Seventeen doesn't try to be something it's not. I don't understand a previous review saying that the editor's letters are depressing, she really tries to tell us her experiences to help us learn from her mistakes. She also tells funny stories like how her mother wouldn't let her shave her legs until she was 17 so that she wouldn't have a boyfriend. That was hilarious! The magazine is very well-rounded. There are the regular celebrities, fashion, beauty and boy articles that you would find in a girl's magazine. The celebrity coverage is not intense though. They cover the essential music and movie releases with the article about the celebrity on the cover. There are other sections that aren't common to a teen mag. The Faith and Health sections are wonderful. There are great workouts promoting physical activity and encourages teens to go outside and exercise: bike, rollerblade, whatever.
I get this magazine with Cosmogirl since I participated in a special promotion. Both magazines complement each other well. Cosmo has more celebrity features than its counterpart so if I'm looking forward to a particular album coming out, I'll look for the better review in Cosmo. The life articles are fabulous in both mags. I seriously can't decide which I like better. I say: Get them both! You won't regret it!

Seventeen Magazine

Unlike lots of teen magazines out there- Seventeen has some substance. Of course it has the beauty tips, polls, celebrity interviews and fashion spreads- but, unlike some magazines, it is done right. The editor of Seventeen honestly understands their age group, it consisits of the basics but is easily readable. It's nice to have celebrities on the cover you don't see every time necessarily- like Gwen Stefani for example. I also enjoy the real life articles, they are very well written, special interest stories. I enjoy reading Seventeen very much and recommend it highly, mostly to the 14-21 age group.

A matured magazine

Seventeen is a magazine for teens, and it offers advice on love, friendship, having a fun time, and life in general. Not to mention the great price, Seventeen is an all time favorite.
I have been a subscriber to Seventeen for 4 years, and there have only been 1 or 2 issues that I had no interest in. Since 4 years ago, Seventeen has matured beautifully. It's not all about fashion and boys and having a body of a supermodel. As a matter of fact, it shows you to love your body, and to love your life, and to IMPROVE it, not CHANGE it drastically.
The layout of the pages are well organized and the color schemes fit well with topics. On their main site, if you have the magazine, you can enter every day for a contest, and even a contest for the first 1,000 to enter on the 17th. Creative, beautiful, and it helps teens to see what life is really all about.