Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

realistic, fun and trendy

I've read all the teen magazines that are alive, including Teen People, Cosmo Girl, Elle Girl, YM, and Teen Vogue, but I have to say this is my favorite magazine.
Unlike Teen ppl Teen Vogue Cosmo Girl nd Elle Girl, Seventeen is not a branch out from other well known magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitian, People and Vogue. It has been there from the very start,nd was specifically designed for teens and teens only. It must have the longest history in all the teen mags out there! The editors of Seventeen really know what they are doing and what the readers are going through in their lives.
It has everything a teen magazine NEEDS to have: fashion, beauty, quizzes, real life stories,entertainment, give aways, ads... etc etc., but how it is different is that everything is realistic and fun. Magazines like Elle Girl and Teen Vogue seem to give you fashion and clothes right off the runway, with sky rocketing prices and mind bending designer names. Unfortunately, we're not all Paris Hilton, and we can't afford that. Even if we could.. lace corsets and black leather boots just aren't what average teens would wear to school everydaY.
On that department, Seventeen, however, does a much better job. The prices are realistic, the brands are hip but much more affordable, there are also tips on how to dress trendy without burning a hole in your wallet.The clothes are also much more on the casual side... but they will still add in many different sets of outfits for people with differnt styles, eg, "Girly", "wild", "classic" etc.
The real life stories are actually real. They are things that most teens can relate to and would like to read about. Teen people and Cosmo Girl are good magazines as well, but they lack the "friendly" feel of Seventeen, and just don't keep up with the trend as much as it does.
If you want to start out with a great magazine, I really reccomend Seventeen. It will really understand you.

If you like teen magazines, you'll love Seventeen!

I like a lot of teen mags, but Seventeen is by far my favorite! It's easy to understand, the editors don't talk down to people, and it is fun to read! So if my opinion counts, subscribe to this magazine!

Great gift subscription for a young teen!

I read Seventeen Magazine back in the olden days, and it's still a good magazine today. It's got great advice on fashion, make-up, getting along in school socially and academically -- it's all here!

I purchased this for a family member just starting out in high school, and I know that she will love it as much as we did back then!

They don't have to be seventeen...

I purchased this magazine for my thirteen year old grandchild. I did not want the usual "tween" magazine who's main focus was on fashion, or celebrities behaving badly. I read Seventeen when I was a teen,many years ago, and it has only gotten better through the years. Her first issue got my grandchild talking over some important articles she had read with her mom, without the embarrassment and difficulty that usually occurs when teens and parents talk. The articles really relate to today's teens,and provide positive role models, something that is really needed for young girls in this day and age.


This is my favorite teen magazine. It is the only one that is truly worth its money. It is a nonshallow mag which features all races and skintones, as well as girls of different shapes and sizes. The girls in the magazine are anywhere between sizes 2-20. I would definetly recommend getting this magazine. They have artcles on college, politics, and current events as well as fashion, make-up, and celebs. It is a good magazine for girls ages 12-22.

This Mag is really nice!

This is sort-of like Teen Vogue (I think, at least), but whereas Teen Vogue's clothes are really expensive- but look nice- Seventeen's choice of outfits are nice and are at an affordable range of prices.

I also like Seventeen magazine because it has interesting articles that catch your attention. Another thing I like about it is that, in the Beauty section, instead of having make-up for one type of person, they have make-up suitable for all skin colors.

I suggest, before picking up any other magazine, you flip through this one, because I garantee, you won't be disapointed.


This magazine is great.It has everything you want from a magazine.Fashion,Clothes,Boys,Real Life Stories and Health Issues.I have been subscribing to this magazine for over a year now and I love it! Any teen girl would enjoy this magazine to definately order today!!


As a teenager, I think that this magazine beats all else.
In my earlier teen years, I read magazines like J-14 and Twist, which did not seem to give me much else other than celebrity gossip and horoscopes (things I can read online but wouldn't pay for).
Then, a couple years ago, I started reading Seventeen. This provided me with advice on boys, fashion (although this tends to be the section I skip over the most. I do, however, enjoy the occassional laugh at some overly eccentric outfits they put together), sex, and diet and exercise (as a vegetarian, I love the few but helpful vegetarian diet suggestions). I love that it gives us real advice that we can relate to and go out and do. Also, the fashion (the ones that aren't unnecessarily flamboyant) is affordable and always gives advice according to your body shape (and isn't just skinny so those that aren't model types can look fantastic too), which gives us more confidence that we can look good.
In addition, there are some small little things that make this magazine truly unique. There are the letters from the editor about what's coming up and what has happened recently, and there is sometimes a story from one of the staffers about their life and the troubles they've been through with guys and such, and inspiring stories about girls that have done something great with their lives.
Overall, I think this magazine is wholesome and good for the average teenage girl now, because the stories and the advice this magazine provides us with perfectly fit with what we're going through and the society we live in now. Sure, I've become a little bit more shallow by reading it, but I've also become more aware of the things going on around me through the different stories. So I lost a little of my sanity, but I gained a lot more back in knowledge and awareness.

Faithful for 40 years

In the late 60's, I, like many teens, was unhappy with the way I looked. I loved the make-over feature in Seventeen and wrote to them, hoping they would do a make-over on me. I really didn't expect a response; I was sure they had millions of readers. However, not only did they write and say if they were ever in my town, they would definitely consider me, they also sent me many articles to help with all the flaws I had described to them. The one I most remember is drawing a white line down my nose to make it look longer and less wide. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good about blending it so I got an occasional question, "Why is that white line down your nose?" but what helped the most for my self-esteem is that someone at the magazine took the time to write back and express their caring. (BTW, I grew into my nose and actually like it now.) I swore when I had a daughter, she would also get a subsciption and since she is about to turn 13, it's time. I look forward to reading my old friend and confidant and I know she will too!

Seventeen magazine

It's an awesome magazine for girls in their teens and older to have. It lets you know what fashion to have, how to do your make-up, and how to style your hair.