Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

A Great 'Zine!

Hey everybody! Whatz up? OK, I've got this great magazine every month since I was 12, and ya know what? It's really awesome! It has everything a teenage girl wants, EVERY MONTH! Fashions that are hot and stuff that's definitely NOT! Seventeen's got the coolest ways to decorate your room, the best places to shop, all the sexy new fads! There's SUPER HOT pix of fine guys, stories most anyone can relate to, and stuff you might not be able to talk to your mom about. Keeping up with the fastest moving trends has never been so cool!


Seventeen:My Favorite!

I love this magazine! It's my absolute favorite! But the first problem I see in my latest issue is that I have to flip 31 pages until I get the the table of contents page! I'm sorry but that's a lot just to get to a page that should only be around 10 pages or less back. This is a magazine for the older teens and I think every teen should at least read one issue. The quizzes are awesome, you can not, and I repeat, can not even think about buying a magazine that does not have quizzes. The issue with Julia Stiles is awesome because she's a great actress, when I saw her on the cover I knew I had to buy this magazine. Also I love the real life stories in this magazine, some of them give you something to really think about! This magazine covers a variety of subjects including Fashions, Beauty, Guys,Bodyline, Backstage Pass, columns, and much more. In a specific article I read called "College Survival Guide" it talks about hot spots, has a quiz on if you'll be a good roomate, a true and false quiz about how well you study , web sites for buying books and stuff, eating 101, some jobs that colleges offer. There are also plenty of fashion pages to show you what different clothes are out there. I think everyone should buy an issue take a look because some of the issue are great.


A Message To Parents

I think that Seventeen is an excellent magazine for teenagers. The health section is great, fashion tips are fabulous, and anything that happens to be about sex is informative.

Sex Articles: Come on people, if you want to keep your daughters away from this stuff they might as well live in a convent. Your daughters are going to know way more than you think and better they hear it from some place that gives them the truth and not from a friend who means well but just doesn't know anything. Sure, there is nothing that says "DON'T HAVE SEX" but it gives girls what they need to hear and then your parenting will decide when and what they do.

Health: These days there isn't a girl around who doesn't want to be stick thin. It isn't their fault, it's the media. The good thing about Seventeen is that it shows girls instead of how to loose weight, how to be healthy. They have great food ideas, exersize plans and an over all healthy attitude towards weight loss and body image.

Fashion: Seventeen has one of the best fashion sections out of all of the teen magazines. Yeah, it is fun to see the occasional Chanel or Marc Jacobs outfit in a magazine but not when it plasters the pages. Seventeen suggests affordable outfit ideas from drop-dead-gorgeous sling backs to don't-you-wish-you-knew-me jeans. Their "Splurge" outfits are just the right amount of occasional fantasy.

Fun: They've got their share of cutesy quizzes and embarrassing stories because they realize that teens aren't adults and they still need a little childish fun. There are decoration tips, organization advice and some of the best stress reliever ideas I've ever seen.

Note: They do have a regular article called "17 Real Life" which is usually okay with the occasional disturbing story. However, they do have a "17 Warning" on the bad ones and you could simply request that your daughter, if she's young, not read those. I highly suggest this magazine.

To those who say that this magazine is mindless and turns your daughters into airheads I suggest you hear me out. Nothing turns your daughter into an "airhead." Perhaps an unhealthy dose of magazine reading and web surfing will make them slightly superfical but it is just a phase and will pass guaranteed. However, a monthly fashion magazine does not melt the brain nor fry brain cells. In fact, it probably does more good than it does damage.


Perfect for teenagers.

In my opinion, Seventeen is the best magazine for teen girls. I've been reading it on-and-off for four years now, but only recently began to read it again. It's not some childish, boy obsessed, teenybopper magazine. There are some great, monthly articles, like "When I Was 17," "Solve My Problem," "My Life," "Traumarama" and of course, horoscopes, entertainment, fashion, beauty and more. The true-life stories they feature are really interesting, also. They recently did an intriguing article about emotional abuse.

A couple years ago, I would've said that Cosmo Girl was the best magazine for teenagers. Unfortunately, it's gone downhill and has little substance left. If you want an interesting, fun and informative teen magazine, look no further than Seventeen. After all, it's been out for nearly sixty years. They're clearly doing something right!

This magazine is GREAT, period.

I am 13, and I know I am young, but I am becoming curious of many different things and am changing in so many ways now. Seventeen is one of the magazines that really affects my life. This magazine is very resourceful and also fun. One thing to say, there isn't that much bad information that kids shouldn't be reading, but parents, I do advise that you review the magazine before letting your child read it. They have the fashion section, where not just one body type is included, but all body types and they have tons of different styles. They have great style tips too which I bet you'll like. They also have the beauty section which has tips on how to apply your makeup, and they have a wide variety of different makeup looks, so you're not stuck with the one look that has too much makeup on. They have the feature articles, which are both fun and informing. Time to time, they'll have an article on sex (just to say that to people who won't want to be reading that). They have many other things in the magazine like Tramarama which is embarassing stories, 17 Mission, which is an article that gets the attention of the reader to focus on everyday problems, like global warming or breast cancer. I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I love the magazine, but the only way you can really tell if you like the magazine is to just go check it out at your local grociery store or bookstore.

Await it every month...

I've been getting this magazine since before I was 17. I was at my grandmother's house for some holiday, and my cousin was flipping through old issues of Seventeen. I decided that I wanted a subscription that day, and I've been getting them since, saving every single issue (or trying!), and loving that I always get at least one piece of mail a month. Now I am 21, and I can't make myself quit my Seventeen. I don't really know why. I just personally love the magazine, and, sure, there are some issues where I don't read as much as I wish I could. But I probably will continue Seventeen for a lot longer. If anything, it is a nice trip down memory lane to look in an old Seventeen (from 1995) and read about old movies, old stars and old clothes. Almost like reading an old yearbook.

For any teen wanting a great magazine, I would definately recommend this one. It is fun, helpful and addicting.

Best Seller For Teens And Young Women, Plus Hot Collectible

Are you someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends in fashion? Are you someone who is concerned about health and beauty issues? Are you a person who loves to read about celebrities as well as the latest in music, movies, and TV? Then Seventeen is for YOU!!! In fact, Seventeen has all of these and much more! From recipes to inspiring life stories, from sex to cool celebrity photos, Seventeen is packed with informative and entertaining articles, plus, lots of cool colorful photographs.

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations list of the 100 best selling magazines in the United States, Seventeen is ranked 25th, but none of the ones above Seventeen on the list are directed at teens and young women, thus, making Seventeen the best selling magazine for young readers. It has over 2,000,000 readers to date, and that number is growing. But, not only is Seventeen a best seller, it's also one of the most sought after collectibles in the world! At auctions, I've seen editions from the 70's and 80's sell for as much as [money]each, depending on things such as condition, who was on the cover, etc. And I've noticed that editions of Seventeen do not have to be very old to bring a good price. I've seen editions as little as 2 years old sell for upwards of [money] each. I fell in love with the magazine when I was 17. I was in class when I noticed one of my classmates reading a copy. As I peered over her shoulder, I seen in the magazine one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Turned out, the model would later turn into one of the hottest actresses in film----Phoebe Cates. So I asked my classmate where I could get a copy and she told me I could find them in most any store or get them by subscription. So because of Phoebe Cates, I started collecting the magazine just for her lovely pics. Later, stars such as Brooke Shields,and Jennifer Connelly kept me buying the magazine. Then I began to read the articles and found them both interesting and informative. I can say with assurance that some of the articles in Seventeen have helped keep me looking younger and healthier. So while Seveteen is directed mainly at young women between the ages of 12 and 20, guys can also benefit from some of its contents. It's a magazine that has existed since 1944, and is a favorite among every class of people. If you would like a magazine that is great to read and can be worth something as a collectible in the future, you cannot beat SEVENTEEN!!!

If you like teen mags, you'll love Seventeen

I've outgrown Seventeen magazine but I still have the subscription going on. As I do not have a penchant for teen mags anymore, I still think Seventeen is one of the best teen mags in terms of content.

Yes, there are recycled articles but what magazine does not recycle their questions or articles? There are new readers everyday and they didn't read said article 2-3 years ago. Besides, I see YM do it way more often and in shorter intervals too.

The articles seem to aim at a more mature audience. Over the years, I've noticed they continually add new columns. Most are better then some. The magazine has a good mix of fashion, beauty, body info and celeb inquiry while some other teen magazines are more focused to one subject. They have a college related column and many of their articles I found are more serious than other teen magazines. Their articles have dealt with prejudice, racism, homosexuality, sex, world issues and the Taliban's treatment of women (before 911).

Out of all the teen magazines I've read, this is still the one I would reccommend to the teen mag reader.


This magazine is the best teen mag out there. It is not full of fluff like most of the teen mags are. It actually has some substance to it.
They have:
affordable fashion for girls of all shapes and sizes
affordable makeup for all skin colors
real life stories
17 mission
good health tips
and appropriate for any girl from 13-23

The best Magazine ever

I've gotten hooked on this magazine the minute I started to read it. It has a lot of great tips for girls, and style advice. Although some people think that this is just another 12-13 year old's magazine, it's not. It's for all ages. Even older people (not trying to be rude;) )!!! Lost's of the stuff about style, they try to make it for girls who can't afford that 200 dollar pair of designer jeans, or that 150 dollar top. They have just as good as priced stuff (and looks way better) than those totally outragiously expensive stores that nobody can really afford. I love the magazine, it's for everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY.