Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

Great Editor

I often find it hard to buy a teen magazine because there are a lot of redundant articles and trashy topics. However, Seventeen has a great new editor now who is really representing today's girls. I appreciate the new direction she has taken the magazine- less trash, more health,less boy stories, more faith. This magazine still has shopping and fashion and everthing we oodle over, but it also has some quality. I would recommend 17 over the others.

It's better then it seems.

Seventeen Magazine has grown over the ages from just another teen magazine into something that some girls carry around as a bible. As scary as that seems, don't take it out of context, it's not as bad as it sounds.
I first started getting seventeen magazine three years ago when I had to do it for a magazine sale for my school's fund raiser. I was just another teen wanting make up advice. Shortly after I got it, I noticed that it was basically nothing. Just useless things like what you should wear to school and what's in and what's not. I think I should choose what's in or out but them! Yes that was what I wanted in the beginning but as I got older, the monthly issues stopped seeming interesting. It was just blah to me.
Luckily, Seventeen got a new editor in chief. Seventeen started writing about what I wanted and I started liking it again. Yes they still do the typical fluff but now there are more important articles that I think teens should be reading. Good stories dealing with the important issues that other teen magazines are sadly yet to go along with.
This magazine is truely better then it seems.

Great all around magazine

Seventeen is my favorite magazine. It has so much stuff in it relevant to my life. Fashion is affordable and makes sense, good real life stories in November, especially the obssesion story, good skin/makeup advise and a good new section this month- college. It was actually HELPFUL for teens just starting high school too. It usually takes me a while to read it not like other magazines that i get through in 15 minutes. Teen Vogue is so expensive i just read regular look at fashion ideas. I also like the mail page you can read other girls opinions about past stories. A great magazine. ALSO can't wait for the show on mtv!

Good magazine

I've been subscribing to Seventeen for about a year, and I would say that it is a good magazine, but not fantastic. I would recommend Seventeen to older teens ages 15-20, because the magazine focuses more on sex and college than other teen magazines, so parents might not approve of their kids reading these topics at an early age. It does have all the other aspects of a teen magazine though, such as embarrasing moments sent in by teens, letters to the editor, fashion and beauty features, advice about boys and friends, and real-life issues. Seventeen features a wide variety of celebrities on their covers, including many of the hottest stars. There are advertisments in this magazine, but thankfully not so many that you'll be lost just trying to find the table of contents. I would generally say that Seventeen is heavy on college, sex, fasion, beauty, and boys and medium on real-life and celebrities. A good thing about this magazine is that the editors aren't opiniated, so the magazine can cater just about to any teens with any interests. If you are about 18, you probably would find Seventeen more informative and useful than if you were 14. But Seventeen is a good magazine- read a few issues first, than describe if you want to subscribe.

Simply Irresistible

Seventeen, the magazine that you can read UNTIL you are seventeen! In it you can read everything from witch animal is the softest to the sexiest dude alive!!! i would chose it over ANYTHING!

the ups and downs...

the 'seventeen' magazines are more like Cosmo Girl rather than Teen People since it is more about fashion than 'the doings of moviestars'. the ads are really abundant and redundant but then you know what to look for when you go shopping. i don't really take the make-up, and fashion tips seriously, because style is totally individual. But i always refer to the accessories to find out what can jazz-up my outfit. Articles are very down-to-earth interviews which i enjoy reading. You should definately check out the Seventeen mag.

Perfect mag for teen girls

Seventeen is perfect for teen girls who love magazines! It's a classic, it's been around for years. This would be a great Christmas gift for any girl ages 13-19. It has a great mix of real-life stories, celebrity interviews and gossip, embarrassing moments, and fashion and beauty ideas. I love that lately Seventeen is focusing on in puting cheaper fashion ideas and also some designer things. And I LOVE that they have daily prizes, though your chances of winning are about 1:1,400. I've entered almost every day for about 5 months and still haven't won anything. And I agree with Candaceleutzy that there not always shipped properly, and often the back page will be ripped. They should put the magazines in plastic sheets before they mail them so they quit getting complaints. but I would still say it's my favorite "teen" magazine.

Another Mag

After one year my daughter asked me not to renew it. She was not too thrilled with the articles, but commented on too many ads.


I got this for my granddaughter as one of her christmas presents. I gave it to her on thanksgiving. She gave me hugs and away she went to read it

Took a few weeks to get first copy and no gift card

Took over a month to get the first copy, I had ordered a gift card but niece never got it...I wondered why she didn't thank my for the birthday gift.
She just got her first copy, so all is good