Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

very detailed

I got this for my daughter who loves it. I read it first just to see the content as then let her read it. Very informative and she enjoys it.

For Fashion

There's a lot of coupons and news for free stuff like lipstick and clothes in this magazine.

Cute fashion taste.

Finally, it's good!

Seventeen was probably the most unappealing magazine to me when I was in middle school. I bought my first issue in July 2003 because they didn't have my beloved Cosmogirl at the airport. I don't know who the editor was back then, but thank goodness for Atoosa. She changed the magazine around.
Seventeen has nice clothing ads. Most of the clothes are affordable things which happen to have a universal appeal. Although sometimes the outfits featured are quite boring, there won't be something you don't like.
The makeup is alright too, nothing special except for the occasional bit.
The serious stories are great, nothing too overpowering, and plus there are warnings for graphic stories to keep your mind at peace.

For you occasional magazine readers, the best time to buy this magazine is for back-to-school.
Age reccomendation: 13-19 (seriously.)

AwEsOmE mAgAzInE

This Magazine is awesome, and if u subscribe its really cheap. you get a lot for your money and i find myself going back and re-reading it to get all teh stuff i missed b4, and its awesome. YOu should subscribe. you get the scoop on all the hot and not so hot stars and stories and lots of things to do for youself, including yoga, health issues, and theres quizzes for u to take. Its a great magazine.

Don't Judge

I would like to comment on a letter written to Seventeen Magazine by a girl named Sarah from Plano, TX in the June issue. I was outraged when i read waht she had to say about homosexuality. "People learn to be homosexual from advertising and T.V." I am a military brat and have been blessed to know all different types of people and Sarah you might want to realize this country is based on the principals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. you have the right to be religious, do you not? So why can't people by gay? Being gay is not something you learn, your attracted to who your attracted too. Maybe you should ask your history teacher about homosexuality because it goes way back. I don't believe the Greek had televisions. And if you have such a big problem with the issues of today, instead of purchasing a magazine that is going to have those issues in it. Go to your local Wal-Mart, walk over to the stationary department, and buy a bible. Because honey, obviously your not as religious as you think, because the bible says to love thy neighbor, and not to judge people.

nOt sHaLLoW

i have been subscribed to Seventeen Mag. for 2 years now.. and i do agree that some issues are a little... small.. but i also think that a lot of the articles are inspirational, and have real meaning. The other stuff like the quizes, and the fashion stuffs are just additives. i personally love them.. because they help me know what to look for when i go shopping.. so if you are a girl that likes real meaning in her life while still <at least tryinG> to look GREAT.. this is the magazine for U!!

I Really Like it

I'm currently subscribed to seventeen magazine. I really like it. It has articles on great deals for make-up, it alwayz has trendy clothes and great things to read about. For instance I love the stories people write about embarassing moments in their lives.

What Happend?

Seventeen used to be great. Stuff about make up and evrything like that. It used to be really thick a lotta content. Now all Seventeen talks about is college and more college. It's still an okay magazine. It mentions good clothes and make up and has good interviews, but it used to be better. There isn't a lot of real life stories. I used to like it better. It's too short with everything now. There's not a lot about make up and fashion and mostly about college. But it's an okay magazine.

Great, but could be better

This magazine is great for pre-teens~teens because it has affordable fashion, cute make-up, issues that teens can really relate to, and best of all, interesting articles.
There are so many magazines out there for children ~ pre-teens but most of them are childish/too old. There are disturbing articles and some which I personally think is just silly. But in Seventeen (and to that girl who kept saying Atoosa has no fashion sense, YOU have no fashion sense) there is really things that you can understand, most of which you need to know but are afraid to ask. The clothes are cute and affordable, and for fashionable ladies, there is always a Seventeen Splurge! which shows some really cool designer labels which you can buy to treat yourself. Teen Vogue, and Elle Girl, they have some nice clothes, but you double take on the prices. Most girls (except for one reader who seems to be able to buy anything she wants) cannot afford such clothes. Plus, you see most girls, and they are NOT wearing clothes straight from the runway. They are wearing clothes that they find cute from NORMAL stores at the mall.
Seventeen is a magazine for girls who are fashionable, fun and fabulous (okay, corny) but its true. It's much better for teens than all the other magazines out there.

Not the best, but not all that bad

I have to admit I like looking at the nice pictures and cute bags and so on. But who really really goes out and buys them? The whole reason is just for looking. I mean, some people have lives. They can't spend their lives going around following the magazine-trend and shopping. I like the clothes and everything, but it's a little pricey. I love the little articles like "Trauma Rama" or such. I don't really like the shallow-ish articles saying "Look! She's 17! And she's cool!" Those are redunadant (blah blah blah). But overall, I like wasting my time reading a mag at home, but not shopping for overpriced outfits and make up.