Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

If Seventeen and over do not enter

If you are sixteen and under this a good magazine for you. It included all that things teens are talking about when they are in the ninth grade. Being that I'm 18 I find this magazine useless and not helpful at all. After about the first few issues the articles start to be the same. And it fail to cover all different types of teens. Article including fashions for weight teens are featured only every year or so. And hair and skin tips for people of ethnicity are never included unless it some type of afro. Seventeen fails to see that their are more than one type of teen.


A mag that has 2 many ads

This magazine is a good magazine, but I think it could be better. For one thing there is to many advertisments. I know I don't look at them I just flip through them as fast as possible. They just take up space in the magazine that could be filled up by useful information. The magazine does have some good stuff in it, like good beauty tips, advice, and articles that readers should be aware of. So of the fashions in there shouldn't even be made! What "sane" person would wear some ugly cloths just because it's in a magazine. If anyone does that then they need to get a since of "style" of there OWN.


okay, but not on my Christmas list

I think that this mag is okay for older teens, but I don't think that kids younger than say... 14, should read this. They can go and read those other teenie-bopper mags. I'm not saying that this isn't a teenie-bopper mag, I'm just saying that there are different issues (besides make-up and clothing) that are age related. I don't think that 14 year olds should be reading about when to have sex or how to snag the perfect man. Relationships before graduation rarely ever last, but they do sometimes.


Great Magazine!!

I subscribe to Seventeen, Teen, and Ym. Personally, out of these three magazines, I like Ym the best. Seventeen has the same columns every month and they hardly ever come up with something entirely brand new. Teen is too thin to even be a magazine and Ym has it all. Ym has a variety of everything, including style, fashion, what's hot and what's not. It also has the ever so popular "Say Anything" that no other magazine can beat even if they try. Seventeen may be a great magazine in some people's eyes, but in my point of view, Ym is perfect.


Just another teen magazine

Seventeen is a great magazine for teenagers of all ages. It really does focus on important issues that teens face everyday. It does contain a few too many ads for things that are a bit expensive but other than that it's a great magazine to read. It shows the new hip fashions and has pretty decent cover stories. The subscription isn't all that expensive either. It really appeals to the teenage girls there are always articles on make up tips and fashion. And just like any other girl magazine there are those articles on how to get the guy. Girls can learn from the real life articles and use the information in life not just how to be like a beauty queen.


Be very cautious!

I decided to get this for my daughter who is twelve after reading reviews from other customers saying it was pretty much fashion, hair, and makeup because there are so few options for a tween girl. She has outgrown the American Girl magazines at this point and wanted something a little more mature, but I didn't expect it to be so mature!

I had this magazine as a teen and really liked it. For the most part, the reviews were right. My daughter looks at the hair styles and clothes and might read an article or two, but one thing has really changed! Luckily I looked through the magazine before I gave it to her because there were all kinds of questions about sex in one article. The questions consisted of where to find the "g-spot" and if you were still a virgin after anal sex! That definitely wasn't in there when I once read this magazine.

I understand it's called Seventeen for a reason, but I just wish someone had informed me of the sexual nature some of the articles may have before I ordered it. So,I now just go through the magazines before she sees them and tear out anything she shouldn't be reading. She gets the censored version.

A pretty girly magazine with potential to diversify

I was looking for a magazine to get a friend's teenage daughter who is at an age where she is interested in pop stars, beauty tips, fashion, celebrity news with a tasty bite, a bit of serious writing to make her think; after all she is at an age where she has to face the real world.

I have to say Seventeen fitted all of the above criteria and it did it well, the photography was good, the writing style up-beat and smart, not too much talking down to the reader, however I did have one gripe that might offend people and I apologize if it does, but did anyone else look at this magazine and think, "What a white read!"

My friend's daughter is mixed race and though I think she would like Seventeen from a girly point of view, I do think she will find it hard at times to identify with, because it does come across as "quite white."

All the same it is a good magazine; it has well written articles, good photography and knows how to target its audience.

All the same I will be giving it a miss on a subscription level for the moment as I don't think it is really suitable for someone who is not white, maybe in the future when it diversifies.

Seventeen is not what it used to be.

Seventeen used to be my favorite magazine. Unlike most teen magazines who featured only pop stars like N'Sync and Britney Spears, Seventeen focused more on fashion and beauty and contained a lot of useful and interesting articles. However, ever since the editors gave the magazine a complete new look, I have felt that it is not as sophisticated as it used to be. There are too many graphics and the whole magazine looks cluttered. And the articles are nowhere near what they used to be. I would recommend CosmoGirl instead.

maybe ok for 17 and up, but not for young teens

Much of the content is inappropriate for young and mid teens. Just look at the cover stories - this month has one on "hot abs" and "the perfect kiss". Not terrible, but not really appropriate for the younger teens who often read it. Too much emphasis on fashion, make-up, and materialism.

Have to edit

After seeing that her 15 yr old cousins read this (and even some of her 12-13 yr old friends!), my daughter and I had a lot of discussions over whether I would allow her to start getting this magazine or not. We looked into other magazines that I thought were more appropriate (seem to be a lot for 8-12 yr old girls but not too many for 12-17 yr old girls) for a 12 yr old. Finally I agreed to let her get this magazine only on the condition that I see it first and edit out the inappropriate articles, etc. I don't need my 12 yr old learning how to "hook up" etc.