Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

The Lost Issue

Your magazine is one of the best types of magazines that a teenage girl can read. In the year 1947 my grandmother had written an arcticle for your magazine titled "Oh,That Boy." By Bella Weissbrot. I was wondering if you had that issue from 1947 in one of your existing files and could possibly give me a copy of that issue. Although I am not exactaly sure about what the issue was titled. (...)

A Conflict of Interests

As a teen, I used to read Seventeen magazine all of the time. They are basically like a Cosmo Jr. While there are tons of interesting things to read about, they tend to focus more on appearance than inner qualities.

On the one hand, they aim to promote high self esteem and have had some interesting articles relating to this issue, in relation to peer pressure for example. Unfortunately, they do so mainly by encouraging young girls to look good. There are plenty of makeup and fashion tips in every issue. However, I think it's also important to address personality and inner qualities and Seventeen tends to neglect this area just a bit. It would be nice if they would send the message that it's okay to be different.

On the other hand, their fashion area always portrays way too thin girls in way too expensive clothing that the average teenage girl can't relate to. Magazines such as these are largely responsible for the negative self image that young girls develop. It would be nice to see them take a more realistic approach, and although they have presented some more affordable clothing, it is still largely out of the average young girl's reach.

So, having addressed one of the main conflicts in this magazine, I have to admit that they have several valuable advice columns and their articles are often informative and encourage helping behavior towards others. They address important environmental, social, and political issues that are important for young impressionable minds.

Overall, the bad is balanced with the good, and although as a parent, you may want to take a look at what your daughter is reading, if you approve, I'm sure that she will enjoy this magazine.


Too Much Fashion, Too Many Guys

To get started, let me introduce myself. I am a 13-year-old girl, and I read almost every teenage girl magazine out there. Seventeen just happens to be one of them.

I think seventeen has too many guys. Too many guys? How could there be too many guys in a young teenage girl's life? you may be thinking. Well, for me there can be too many. Month after month, all I ever see in this magazine are "hot" movie stars, guy advice, and quizzes and more quizzes about guys, guys, guys!!! OK, enough is enough seventeen!!

All I ever see in this magazine is beauty tips, make-up and hair styles, and more and more fashion lay-outs. Ahhh!! OK, let me give you the low down seventeen. I don't wear make-up, don't need any more hair style ideas, and I don't need to read more and more about how to get the "perfect tan" or "greatest clothes and accesories."

Just take a copy of the latest seventeen magazine. Open up to any page. What do you see? Guys, beauty, fashion, an advertisment, or, least we forget, celebs? Yes, just like many other teen mags out there, seventeen is jam-packed with celebs, movie stars, the latest hottest singers, etc.

OK, well, I think my review's over, cause well, that's all I can ever find in this magazine, besides the usual one or two good articles and embarrassing moments pages.


Once Upon a Midnight Dreary...

I have been reading Seventeen since I was that age.. and now that I have grown to years beyond that, I must admit that I still pick up an issue time and again.

I found the articles in Seventeen to be well written, and for the most part, age appropriate. From readers sharing their most embarrassing moments, to a guy's opinion on issues from looks to the first date, Seventeen is well thought out and designed, including a bit of everything the reader would want and enjoy.

However, I do have a few problems with the publication: fashion statements, accessories, and graphic layouts. That is, the fashions in the magazine are, in my humble opinion, too adult for a teenager; they are overpriced, too flashy, and in most cases, way too revealing.

Articles written in Seventeen, try to communicate a sense of well being.. "Don't be afraid of who you are!", and "Just be yourself.", it boasts proudly. Then [they] make you feel inadequate for not being able to wear "the latest fashions".. which I must admit, I've NEVER seen on anybody, EVER, at the time in which they were "in".

If you want a magazine with a multitude of opinions, some trashy gossip, and very outlandish fashions, then this is indeed the magazine for you.. It can be fun, but just remember: that's all it's supposed to be, fun.


nice teen girl mag

I subscribe to Seventeen magazine because it includes advice and articles for teenage girls. I enjoy the fashion and celebrity pictures, but I do buy it for the articles. I also subscribe to Teen People, which is a very good magazine as well. Teenagers would also enjoy that as well. The articles in Seventeen are somewhat realistic, and it's nice to get a thick magazine in the mail once a month to read through over and over. the one thing I don't like about Seventeen is that there are a lot of ads, but if you are doing a collage or something then you have a lot to choose from (like name brands). This is totally not the best magazine ever made, but it has been around for quite a long time. I would recommend this to teenage girls only.


Is this what seventeen year olds are like today?

Seventeen is a magazine for the fashion savvy, and those of society that care about what they can do to get their dream guy to fall in love with them. The magazine focuses mainly on what the reader can change to get people to like them. It is a magazine that people with a strong sense of pride would find as repulsive and boring.
On the up side however it does let inquiring teens submit questions that they don't feel comfortable asking people around them. In that sense, they are trying to help out the youth of America by answering some of their most difficult questions. It also is not a magazine for the overweight girls of America. Many of the articles are based around eating disorders, while the pages are covered with 5'8", 120lbs models, it just doesn't make sense.
If anything this is not the magazine that should be shown to young girls when they are trying to get through the hardest times of their lives. It shows them the way that Seventeen thinks the perfect girlfriend should act, and this critiria is just not meetable. I feel sorry for the unseccure girls that read this and feel even sorrier for themselves.
But for those among us that are not going to look at all the diet tips and boyfriend advice, the magazine can be very useful. For things such as make-up advice and hairstyles they are always right on target, and often give very detailed steps on how to acheive such looks. For proms and big formals for the do-it-yourself-ers out there, even if you want an idea, this is definetly a good place to look.


17 reasons not to read this magazine

What in the world has this country become when it let's magazine companies like SEVENTEEN print stuff like it does. Here are twelve reasons why you shouldn't read the magazine:

1. Promotes relationships that are not appropriate for the specific age group.

2. Relates to men more as pieces of meat rather than humans.

3. Promotes gay and lesbian relationships.

4. Has more advertisements than anything else.

5. Gives advice to people assuming that all people are popular and can just do what they want.

6. Advise people to watch their shopping and yet advertise the most expensive items on the market.

7. Uses stick thin models for their advertisements.

8. Create mostly gossip, rarely facts.

9. Promote sex before marriage.

10. Have exercise programs, but has even more television, movie, and internet reviews.

11. Have very few pages about real life problems.

12. Has way to many contests that no one ever wins.

And here are ONLY five reasons that seventeen is okay to read:

1. They give you something to gossip about.

2. They give you pictures of your favorite stars.

3. They give love advice.

4. They have good exercise programs.

5. It doesn't cost much.


Seventeen: a mag. of fluff humor

I had subscribed to this magazine for several years when one of my best friends subscribed and it seemed great: it was loaded with articles, or so it seemed. When I started reading my own magazine, I found out the secret to the magazine's size: it's advertisements, filled for about 25 of its first pages, and the they are scattered loosely throughout the rest of the magazine.

Aside from that fact, I enjoyed this magazine--up until a year ago or so (when I was sixteen) and I realized that their articles were very light--so light, that it was really fluff. The quizzes really weren't much fun to take, because it was SO obvious what the "correct" choice was, that if you couldn't realize that, then maybe you should be reading this type of a magazine.

This magazine usually has one serious article within it to teach teenage girls that life is not all about boys, movie stars, or their embarrassing moments (which I must admit can be extremely hilarious to read), and these, I must comment, are well written and a great opportunity to give to girls who actually do read these articles. They expose topics such as suicide, self-image, anorexia, and disease, that bring light to issues that may not usually be discussed with these "type of girls." (sorry to sound stereotypical)...

I used to really enjoy this magazine, so I don't mean to offend anyone who does as well; I simply find that most of it is advertisements, and I felt that it got to be a waste of money, after a while...


WARNING..This magazine is only for pretty people!

When I open up a magazine, I would like to feel secure about myself. I want to be able to look through the magazine without squirming, getting that wierd feeling in my stomach, or wanting to throw up. Luckily, Seventeen isnt that magazine. I open it up, what is the first thing I see. Some type of ad for Covergirl. Its to no avail, that I am always staring face to face with either Brandy or Nikki Taylor. For once in my life, I would really like to see covergirl pick like a really ugly or a really fat, or even a girl with UN PERFECT SKIN to be in their ads. Yea, like looking at beautiful models that I could never be would make me go out and buy their products..almost!
Now, the articles. Do they have a personal vendetta against me or something. Do they want to offend me with writing pointless articles about the Backstreet Boys, or NSync? I dont know, maybe thats just my opinion. When I was 17, I didnt feel like I was reading a magazine that suited my age. Now, some of the thigns are interesting and funny. I get a kick out of reading the stupid things that readers have done in the past in the "Trauma-Rama" part of the magazine. I enjoy reading the serious articles that they produce. But as far as the clothes selections, and the models, just give it up Seventeen. These arent real people. These are people that only exist on your mind. Its ok though, I forgive you.



I find Seventeen a very good read, but is also superficial and materialistic! The magazine does give very strong points to teens about sex, running away, and other types of problems they may have. On the other hand, it always talks about how important their "must have" clothing is. It makes the girls feel as if they aren't important because they cannot afford to buy the certain clothing shown in the magazine. I also don't really think it is a good option to have a quiz for girls to see if they are ready for certain intimate procedures with their partners. I think that a girl should be able to decide for herself if she is ready or not.Too me the magazine is good, but could use some work from people with nice, strong moral values!