Reviews For Popular Science Magazine

Go Ahead, Try to Put it Down

Popular Science is the only magazine I know of that I will subscribe to for the rest of my life. I impatiently await the magazine every single month and get visibly excited when it comes. I love the up to date stories on everything from space exploration to genetic engineering to new computer gadgets. There is always something in this magazine I find myself reading three or more times in the month.

I will be the first to admit that the cover story is usually not the best part of the magazine, it's usually the second or third story. Whatever the case may be, you can always count on at least one major quality story that will make you want to read the magazine again and again. The "What's New" section is arguably the best column printed monthly. There are always new innovations that you will never see anywhere else, and PS gives a "meat and potatoes" explanation and tells where you can look the product up online for more info. The best part of PopSci are the small articles. The little things make PopSci a great magazine.

A recent article exemplifies the grandeur of Popular Science. The October 2000 Cover Story was the 50 Top Science related web sites. I found this to be a great article because it's what PopSci is all about: Comprehensive Coverage. The article is divided up into ten categories of science with multiple web sites for each, each with their own description and web address. When I got online to search out these great sites, every single one worked and was great. There were pictures, videos, and web addresses so complicated I know I would have never found them on my own.

PopSci is a great magazine for the scientifically inclined. Most of the articles focus on Aviation, Space Exploration, or Military Technology. There are numerous others, but consistently, these are the topics of the cover story. If you like science, but prefer more of a focus on automotive and handiwork ideas, try Popular Mechanics, which has many of the same "small article wonders," but takes a less of a futurist and dreamy approach. I am also a subscriber to that magazine, expect to see a cover story on cars opposed to space exploration.


Popular or not?

I've been a subscriber to Popular Science for quite some time. This magazine offers me information on the newest electronics and hi-tech gadgets. The magazine articles are very thorough and give the reader insight on where the device is going.

They are numerous reason why I subscribe to this magazine. First off, the magazine has a section entitled "What's New." This section discusses gadgets that are new on the market or in their developmental phase. The small article that accompanies the picture is concise. Additionally, the wide range of new devices makes this particular section suitable for a variety of interests. Another reason that I bought this magazine is because the articles filter out the unnecessary information and leave the reader with the important facts. Most of the articles that they print somehow relate to Space, Air, or Land. These three areas have had numerous breakthroughs which Popular Science characterizes so well.

Popular Science can be best compared to the National Geographic Magazine. Both of these magazine give the reader insights on a specific topic through the use of powerful writing and pictures. National Geographic incorporates environmental issues too. But, it has its share of space articles.

In a recent issue of Popular Science, the editor decided to do an article on "a five year guide to space missions." This article caught my attention through the use of visual effects. (color, pictures, and fonts) The article listed the mission, the launch date, the details, and the main sponsor. It also included a URL for further information. By breaking down the article in to categories, Popular Science has made the article more direct and concise. The article also includes pictures of specific missions which furthered my knowledge in some areas.

As I mentioned before, I think that the National Geographic is the only worthy competitor of space articles. Both of these magazines deliver the best experience for the reader through the use of various effects.


Great Job Here!

This is a great magazine. The articles in here are great. Nothing beats the neat stuff you can see in Popular Science. Contained in this little package is all of the new products that are coming out soon. It is neat how they find out about all of this stuff before anyone else. You can see cars, computers, EVERYTHING! Some of the reviews they have in here are the latest and most comprehensive anywhere. This beats out every magazine that you can find.

I would recommend it to anyone. It has the best things in it that you can find. Everyone needs to have the chance to see some of the new technology that has come out. With Popular Science you can do this every month.


Keeping Up With Technology

If your like me and love keeping up to date with the hottest and newest in technology then Popular Science is the magazine for you. It comes out once a month and has in depth articles of the newest state of the art electronics devices that are coming out. Anything from computers, to cars, medical break throughs, and almost anything you can think of. Popular Science brings it to you with in depth articles about what what is happening and what isn't. From TV satellite dishes to airplanes to household electronics you name it they will usually have an article for it. They also have a great classified sections for electronic geeks that are looking for hard to find items.


What's new with you

This magazine is one of the most informing magazines that I have ever read. It reviews what is going on around the world such as natural disasters or scientific breakthroughs.

The part that I find most interesting is the What's New section. This section contains a majority of items that are either in the developmental stages or are on the market for sale. This section keeps me informed about what new technological discoveries are being uncovered and what they are being used for.

In the magazine, there is an automotive section which has an overview of European and American cars that are to be coming out within the next 3 years.

Along with the What's New and automotive sections are the science & technology, aviation, computers & software, and home technology sections.

If this magazine interests you, Popular Mechanics is another magazine that you should fall in love with.



If you would like to know what the future holds for America than go to the store and pick up a popular science magazine. When I first picked up a popular Science magazine I first thought that it was for real smart people (Geeks). This magazine tells the latest on all the high-tech cars that are being built to fit our satisfaction needs. Like making cd players more portable and lightweight, they also tell about little gadgets that can be used for millions of things. They even talk about what we can expect for the future or right now. The con about this magazine would be that there is not enough information about where you could buy that item in the article when it did came on the market. And it doesn't tell me what the warnings would be for a young kid that is the age of 3-10 years old. But the price isn't bad because you can become smarter from reading this article.


A Good Read

If your the kind of person who likes to learn about new technologies and new scientific discoveries then this is for you. There are articles on everything from the new gene therapy drugs to hypersonic jets. It even has an FYI section where they will answer your questions on how things work. The What's New section is also very interesting. Its cool to see all the new items that will soon be on the market. This is one of the few magazines that I can stand to read from cover to cover. If you've never read Popular Science then you should check out a copy today.


popular science magazine stay informed on what's old & new in your world

If you want to know what's new in science and the products of the future you can not in my opinion do better than "POPULAR SCIENCE". If you are like me and want to be on top of what going on around you, as far as the tech world is concerned Popular Science keeps you informed on lots of news even before it becomes news. This mag lets you know what's circling our world what's leaving it what's in it and what's going to end up in your home and homes around the world. It tells you what's best&new in Audio, video,Auto everything from jets to roller skates. Popular Science. takes you inside the product and tells you how it works and why its a good buy. You know what else it's a history Magazine that even tells you when where and by whom a products was invented by and when it hit the market. So if you want to stay informed on what's coming and be on the cutting edge stay in Popular Science Check it out . There are other magazines out there like Discovery,21 Century,The Science,Scientific American,etc. But P.S. has the juice for everyone Pick up one copy read it and see for yourself.


What a BLAST !!!

Okay, I've read the other reviews that call this publication shallow, lacking in depth, geared toward young teenagers, etc. I guess if you are looking for twenty page, in-depth technical articles that delve into every minute neutron of a particular subject, then yes, this publication might not be what you're looking for.

But, if you're a regular, average, ordinary guy like me (who would not understand those deep, brainy articles anyway) and you are looking for an entertaining, informative view onto what's new and what's cool, I think you'll be pleased. Very pleased!

Take, for example, a couple of recent issues (see the date of when this review was written). Last month was focused on the future of personal aviation and the people behind the effort to make personal flight more available and affordable, and about the aircrafts they are inventing. Fascinating! Now, can I run out and build myself a prototype after reading the articles? Ummm, no. Do I know a whole lot more about an incredibly fun subject then I did before? Yes!

This month's issue focuses on similar theme: The future of personal space travel and the idea of a space-hotel. When you're done reading it will you be able to build a rocket and fly to the moon? Of course not. But it's informative and educational to the exact level I would want it to be... just enough to make me aware, enlightened, and entertained.

So to all the non-nerds, non-rocket scientists, and non-brainiacs who want a scientific publication by the people, for the people, I think your yearly subscription money will be well spent.


Mind Candy for the Curious Person

"Popular Science" is one of the few magazines that I have a subscription to. This magazine is mind candy for the curious perosn. It informs the reader on new inventions, newsfronts, automobiles, aviation, medicine, and almost every other aspect of science. One of my favorite sections of this informative and fun magazine is the "Newsfronts" section. Here you are informed of current things that are happening in the scientific world whether it be medicine or physics.

"Popular Science" would make a great gift for a friend, family member, or yourself. This magazine will feed the craving that many people get when they are craving information. Order a subscription to this magazine and discover why everybody is raving about this being the best scientific magazine in- print. I recommend this magazine to somebody that is interested in science and would like to get a broad scope of scientific information in a great magazine.

Happy Reading!!!