Reviews For Popular Science Magazine

A very interesting magazine

My husband and I both read this magazine and discuss what we have read with each other. I will renew this magazine when it becomes time to do so.

Great and not overly scientific!

No idea why anyone wouldnt like this, at any age or scientific understanding short of being a scientist. Great magazine, shows what is happening in all forms of technology, months or even years before you hear a news article about such things. A+, 2 year subscriber to this point and I'm going to renew again and again!

great mag

Always interesting and got it for [...]buck for the year. cant go wrong on that.

Great Deal!

You can't beat this deal for a year of Popular Science! Always a fun and interesting read to keep you up on the cutting edge of what's happening in the science world.

one of my favorite mags of all time

still one of my favorite mags of all time. one of the only a few i will read cover to cover. 2 year sub is such a good price .... and they start arriving very quickly once ordered. i also ordered pop mechanics ... boy has that mag gone down hill ... a waste of paper.

Popular Science

I absolutely love this magazine.
I find amazing things I never new off and especially the new inventing are very interesting.

The Magazine That Talks

This Magazine is awesome. Just flip the magazine at any page and you'll find a cool article or fact. It brings you "in the future items" and when they'll come out. It talks about how ecstacy, heroine, mescaline, acohol effect your brain! It talks about the U.S. going to mars! It tells it all. Truly Science. This Popular Magazine earns the name Popular Science.

For Some It's Cars.... For Others It's Science

If you hate Vogue, Seventeen, YM, Teen People, Entertainment Weekly, US, etc. this is the magazine for you! If you're young like me ( almost 20 ) the people you call friends may just roll their eyes when you have this magazine on your table... It's way better than the [stuff] they read, I just wish there were more pages to it!

Great magazine for a fantastic price

I love this magazine. It has short articles that can be read on the run, and I learn something new everytime I read an issue.

Very good articles to read

I found this is pretty good mag to read, and to find the new things in the science & tech areas.