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Improve Your Knowledge, with Popular Science

Popular Science is a magazine I have been reading on and off for more than twenty years and it ranks as a science magazine for the masses. As most readers will tell you, Popular Science is a beginner's science publication and is generally intended for those who are curious about science and want to gain a better understanding of science and technology.

Popular Science is more about technology than science and this is evident from the departments and most of the featured articles. Yes, Popular Science does include articles about atoms, chemicals, outer space, physics, etc., but the majority of the articles are about modern technology and its uses and applications. The technology articles are dedicated to subjects such as new vehicles, environmental trends, electronic devices, and more. Articles like these might seem a little out of scope, but one has to remember that the first word in the title of the magazine is Popular. Technology is huge, so it makes sense that the magazine would dedicate such a large percentage of its articles to high tech.

The writing in Popular Science is very good, but as I said before, this magazine is intended more as a beginner's guide to science and technology. This means the articles will be perfectly fine for those with limited science and technology knowledge. For those with a more advanced scientific mind, some of the articles may be too elementary. However, every issue can be counted on for at least a couple of in-depth, intellectual articles. Also, one needs to keep in mind that the articles are generally short and cover only a page or two. This is nice for those with shorter attention spans and for those who want to soak up as many facts about as many different things as possible.

Learning more about science and technology is certainly a good idea and Popular Science is a good choice of reading material for those who are scientifically curious, want to improve their science knowledge level, and want to learn about the latest technology. The magazine could prove to be a little too simplistic for those with a working or educational background in science, but for everyone else, Popular Science presents a good means to keep up with the latest in science and high tech with writing that is clear and intelligent without going over the top.

Great for keeping up on new technology!

This is the greatest magazine I have ever read. My dad got a subscription when I was about 11 years old ('87), and I have been a faithful reader ever since. If you're interested in new technology, and new ideas this is the magazine for you. Popular Science isn't always about the "geek" topics either, they frequently feature practical advances in bicycles, automobiles, nuclear reactors, skin grafts, fighter jets and everything else. Don't mistake Pop. Sci. for a scientific journal either. The writers do a great job of keeping the articles at an interesting level; they don't bore you with all the scientific principals of their topics, but they do explain enough so that you get the basic idea behind a concept. My one and only complaint about the magazine is that occasionally their stories have a liberal bias, but overall it's good stuff. There's a reason this magazine has been around for over 100 years. Try it out, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Not just for Geeks

All the up to date news in the world of Science; written in basic easy to understand English. I have been buying this magazine for years.

Great Mag

I'm on the 4th month of my subscription and so far its been very enjoyable.

Interesting stuff

Popular Science has a lot of interesting articles that are written in a way that anyone can understand them.
This magazine keeps one up to date on the latest science stuff.

Great simple read

Love this magazine, but I will say that it goes by way too fast. I recomend reading blogs online to get most of what is in here and dropping by the website every month or two.

But if you are attached to paper, it's a great fun treat once a month for an hour or so.

very interesting magazine

I got this magazine because I have a kid who loves science and was surprised to find that I wanted to read it too.

Love it

I love popular science but wish we could see a little more of science that is happening in the here and now rather than things from the future. And less emphasis on the military.

I look forward to this magazine.

Having subscribed to Popular Science Magazine for the past three years, I have to say there is always something interesting and enlightening in every issue. The appeal of the magazine is more geared toward those interested in science fiction, tinkering, conceptual thinkers, and/or early adopters of new technologies. I can see where the appeal can lack for others as you can see from other reviews, but if you match any of the above groups that may be of interest, head to a local supermarket and thumb through a copy.

If you like what you see, ten dollars is more than fair for the interesting and thought-provoking stories you'll find every month.

Popular Science

Like the quick reads on new gadgets, as well as more in-depth science-related stories. Easy reads, very reasonable price.