Reviews For Popular Science Magazine

popular science, interesting

I just started this subscription and there is a lot of interesting things in it.

inexpensive & entertaining

I do wish magazine orders were processed faster, but I did get three issues at once to get me caught up from when I placed my order.

Birthday Present

My nephew wanted this book for his birthday. He loves the book although he was a little impatient in receiving it.

Great Magazine But one Major Flaw

Popular Science is a great magazine. I love to look at the new stuff coming out. The amount Tof ads inside is the only downside to this magazine. Almost half the magazine is fullpage ads.

Fascinating read

I got this last year for my 11 year old son. At first he wasn't really interested but now he's fascinated by articles and latest innovations.

Popular Science Magazine

Got this subscription for our daughter who is very interested in science. She reads Popular Science at the school library and found the articles very enlightening, so we decided to go ahead and have this magazine delivered to our home. We're sure she will enjoy this magazine very much.

Mmmm... Tastes Like Science

This is a great magazine for someone who likes geeky things like science, but likes to have things explained in plain English. The illustrations are great and I love learning about new scientific breakthroughs. My only complaint is that they seem to recycle some stories and the number of content-rich pages seems to be dropping.

$5 Popular Science Subscription

Took advantage of a special to get a year's subscription to Popular Science. I have enjoyed reading the magazine but probably will not renew.

Great, quick, overview of subject matter!!!

Not an indepth magazine for science. (Like Scientific American...etc.) This magazine excells at quick, well done, overviews and reviews of current science.
I do not agree with the all to often look at military hardware and such, but only when that look generates real life, impact for daily living. A wortwhile magazine for anyone to quickly come to grips with the science around them!

Flash CS4

The book offers clear step by step instruction that is quite helpful. My 11 year old daughter uses the book to self teach herself Flash CS4 and found it helpful.