Reviews For Popular Science Magazine

Great magazine full of amazement!

Popular Science is a wonderful magazine filled with the latest and greatest news, reviews and information about all the latest and soon to come gadgets and technology. There are alot of magazine that you simple don't need to read anymore because the information is easily found on the Internet but for this one you will be reading lots of amazing articles and reviews you usually wouldn't bump into on the web. Me and my family enjoy it and recommend it.

Great magazine, and cheap too.

I've subscribed to Popular Science for years, and I think it is a great magazine for keeping up with the latest in scientific discoveries, new gadgets and technological advances. The information is presented with variety, and in an easy to read writing style and format, complete with plenty of illustrations. Its also quite cheap. If I could only read two magazines, this would be one of them. This also makes a good coffee table magazine due to its broad appeal.

That being said, keep in mind that its the "What's new magazine", and NOT a magazine featuring super-deep articles on scientific topics. This is meant to give you a quick overview of topics and ideas, and introduce you to new gadgets, not allow you to impress your PhD friends. If you want a higher level of scientific density and depth, Scientific American would be a better fit for you, and Discover would be like a happy medium between PopSci and SciAm, though neither Disc or SciAm covers gadgets like Pop Sci.


This is the coolest magazine. I started getting this magazine two years ago and i will keep getting it. It is very fun to read because it has very interesting articles about new technologies and many other things. They also have a section where they show all the new gadgets and concepts. This magazine is very detailed and yet it has many pictures for people who like looking at pictures. This is a great magazine and i strongly recommend it to everyone.

very good magazine

My son got this magazine for his dad for his birthday and he is always talking about something he has read in it and tells us all about it. He is a history channel guy so he loves stuff like this. He has got two or three issues now and he says he really likes the magazine so thumbs up for us..

Enjoyable and interesting reading even if not a science enthusiast

Love getting this magazine. Articles are a very interesting look at new science & technology issues without getting too in-depth on the technical details, industry-specific lingo, or dry PhD-level discussion.

Popular Science Magazine is Great

This magazine is a little jewel of interesting and useful information. It is sometimes difficult to see any new science innovations being presented in normal media lanes. This magazine presents in quick flashes and understandable in depth studies, what seems to be a years worth of interesting information in each monthly issue. Well worth the price!

science mag.

I would like this mag to be more about cosmology, but its still good.
New Inventions , and some corp. talk.

Great for the kids (and the kid in you)

I opted for this subscription because one of my sons (11 at the time) was hounding me for it. I enjoyed reading Popular Mechanics and similar titles over the years, so I figured that he'd get a lot of enjoyment out of a subscription that costs about as much as going to see a first-run movie with a bit of snack. So, I placed the order and then waited...and waited...and waited... ***TO GET MY HANDS ON EACH ISSUE***.

As it came into the house, each of my older sons, and even my daughters would whisk it away. Sometimes, a month or two would pass before I'd even see an issue. One of them would bring it back, obviously excited about something they read, and ask, "did you read about the..." I've always had to tell them I haven't read it yet. "Why not?" is the most common respons. []

Still, that's exactly what I hoped would happen. My kids are now talking about topics other than the collectable card game du-jour, sports, and their favorite video games. Sure, they still talk about those things, but now they are talking about theoretical and applied science topics, too, and that's just wonderful. It's great to hear a discussion of video games move to next-generation projection systems, or even neural-interface controllers.

Sure, it's not a heavyweight scientific journal--I don't believe it ever set out to be one. It is this: a publication that makes advances in science fun and interested for almost anyone, and that presents them in small enough chunks that the reader doesn't feel intimidated.

We've renewed our subscription. Why not give it try?

The best "What's new and upcoming technology out there?"

This is the best magazine to keep up with the new technology, new products and just about anything that is new or upcoming tech in every area of life.

Such a good magazine, a must for curious minds

A few issues into Popular Science, and I must say this is by far my favorite magazine subscription! I've subscribed to a few electronic magazines, and unlike some of my fellow reviewers, I am not a genius and the stuff went right over my head! Heck, some of this magazine does too! I think this is the perfect amount for an average person interested in all sorts of electronic and science fields, since it gives enough information so those not involved in the field can understand, but also break it down somewhat for those who like a little more substance. Sure, some articles are short, and you're crazy if you think they're somehow going to breakdown every aspect of the Hadron Collider's workings in a 5 page article, but it gives information that I certainly would not have known otherwise, in a language somewhere between geek and normal.

If you have interested kids, this is an excellent magazine. Much of it may go over their heads, but if they lose interest, then at worst you've blown a few bucks on an educational item. However, if they take interest, and try to break down what they're reading, then you may have not only gotten them hooked on a great hobby/career, but you've probably shown them more than they will learn in their high-school science classes!

I will say I'm an adult, I'm a current (eternal) college student, and I've aced all the entry-level science corses, and I don't think this is too dumbed-down in the least. I just think the authors try really hard to make a fun magazine, which I think they accomplish without dumbing it down too much (like a local news story might). I feel uber geeky after reading a few articles, sometimes I'll immediately go lookup more detailed information on the web, othertimes I'll just sit and fantasize. I think they do a great job covering a wide-field of areas, and a general geek such as myself truly appreciates it.