Reviews For Popular Science Magazine

Wonderful magazine for the inquisitive mind!

I ordered this magazine for my husband, knowing it was up his alley, but had no idea I would like reading the magazine as well. I couldn't believe the latest edition with the prizes given to students/people who came up with great scientific ideas or products. Most were amazing, but a couple were eye-opening and made me think "why don't we have that already??" Plus this magazine had tidbits of electronics, many many ebay ads (haha, I love ebay too), and overall is quite interesting. Wonderful graphics that help you understand the scientific ideas. A great gift for an inquisitive person!!! A+++!!! Will reorder next year!

Happy Reading!

This magazine is GREAT!It fills you in on the latest news and science, plus technology, cars, future products, music, and much more. And they have a wonderful shopping section-everything is in its own category.They also update you on the latest events, such as missles, the 9/11 attacks, and other things.This is the only magazine I have a subscription to.I want to try Pop. Mechanics.Everything is current to the month.They have all the records that have been broken that month and records that are going to be broken.New discoveries are reported on.They also have little "side stories" towards the end.I could go on almost forever about what this magazine contains and what I think of it!


Best Mag

For me this magazine is good for learning what the newest gadget out there is. Alot of fun to see the new inventions in it. Also there is lots to read on subjects like NASA's progress on light speed, this was a good article and very imformative. I'd say for your money's worth this is a good magazine not just for you but for your children as well. I've been reading Popular Science since I was in junior high. I've also gotten ideas for projects in school and have used it for information many times.

How to get a boy to read

This is it--the surefire way to get relunctant boy readers engrossed in cool and educational reading. My teenage son can usually find anything to do except read, but he reads this cover to cover and is always reading the highlights to me. The perfect gift for boys who are fascinated with science, flight, or interesting stuff such as the account of a couple of chemists who use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream in 30 seconds--OK so you don't want them to try that at home, but get this mag for your young scientists. They will love it.

Popular Science & the Future

this magazine is great for keeping up to date (even possibly ahead of most people) with recent science discoveries and plans for the future. looking at what might be ahead is great, especially if you're planning and you can save up for certain things if that's what you're into.

i would recommend this for anyone who likes science and is an intellectual.

Science made easy!

I bought this for my 14YO who loves science. The articles do not go into so much depth that he feels like he is studying to read it. He reads it for enjoyment and knows how to find more information if he wants it.

THis magazine has caused him to expand his options. He usually likes geology and marine biology but this magazine gave him a lot more areas to be interested in.

And yes, it is written to his reading level. So are most things.

A wonderful discovery

Popular Science entered my household during the past year via our resident seventh grader. I must admit that I had not picked up a copy of the magazine in a few decades (since I was a seventh grader?), but it has quickly become one of my favorites (no fights yet over who gets to read it first, however). I can't say enough about the magazine itself: In short, it has adapted its content to a Men's Health-influenced architechture, editorial sensibility and pace. Great writing ranging from two sentence "cool gadet" finds to indepth investigative journalism offer the reader plenty of pleasurable surprises in each issue.

I love it!!!

I have been getting this magazine for 2 years now and it is a lot of fun to read. I would recomened this magazine to anyone with an interest in science, technoogy, or just likes to read about really cool stuff!!!

A Guide to non-Virtual Reality

I started reading PopSci when I was working as a full time computer consultant and tech. Byte and other industry magazines might be in the know as to the most essoteric of developments in research (expressed in jargon heavy terminology), but nothing surpassed PopSci when it came to identifying relavent scientific developments and tracking them through research, development, and eventural implimentation. From my point of view, if I wanted to know the possible computer developments two or three years down the road, I'd read Byte--if I wanted to know what was going on the market in a month or two (as well as further down the road) I read PopSci.

Great magazine

My sons 19 and 25 read this magazine cover to cover each time it arrives. Articles they have read here have been the inspiration for several lively dinner conversations. I read a fair amount of the magazine myself so that I can join them in the discussions.