Reviews For Popular Science Magazine

I Hate The Politics

I have been a subscriber to Popular Science for nearly ten years. I never detected a political bias, that is until the current editor took over a few years ago. His political bias was immediately obvious. I don't need politics in my science, but liberal politics pervades every corner of the magazine under the current editor. Everything from the topics covered, to the perspective of the articles, is steeped in liberal bias. I liked the magazine a lot better without the propaganda, when the editor's politics were imperceptible. I will not be renewing my subscription.


I think the magazine title is mileading. There's not much science in this magazine. I got two issues so far and there isn't a single article that I found worth reading. The culture is quite evident in the advertisments that are featured which if I my add are quite age inappropriate. They feature advertisments for male organ enlargements, stimulants, aphrodisiacs and include lots of testimonials. I am very uncomfortable letting this sit around as I have an 8 year old. I have to throw this mag away the same day I get it. Stay away if you are really interested in science.

Terrible ads

I subscribed this magazine, hope my kids can enjoy it. Then I found out it has Viagra and enlargement ads. Come on.

Flying Humvees!

Really there is nothing more to say. If this is the kind of "science" you're interested in then this is the publication for you. Over the course of a year there was one article on particle physics/molecular biology that was useful. There is a great series for science articles called "The Best Science Writing of..." a particular year. For people interested in science and tech, these are great books and offer more useful information.

Playboy & National Enquirer wrapped in a Candy Science shell!

I had no idea that Popular Science would in fact not include any actual science per se! You should rename it the National Enquirer of Science. You might also consider the name Playboy Science, considering the advertising content in the back.

Needless to say, shallow is not deep enough a word to describe the content. I'm unsure who this is geared toward. I can only guess the target audience is NOT teenagers and geeks (they have scads of resources for both tech news, which is what this is, though always a few months behind, and soft porn, which is what the ads are). The audience then must be the scores of middle aged nerds who long for Pop Sci of yesteryear.

Too technical for public not technical enough for scientists. Not always science.

Too technical for public not technical enough for scientists. Many articles don't even seem related to science, I get the impression this magazine should sometimes be called popular physics or popular astronomy.

Popular Science Fiction

The magazine is almost single-mindedly focused on green technology which may be popular, but currently falls in the realm of science fiction. Popular Mechanics is a much more balanced publication.


I grew up with Pop Sci, used to be a good magazine. Now, preachy. Wake up, Pops,
not everyone thinks the science of global warming, ethanol for cars, etc is actually
scientific and rational. But like the NYT, dissent is heresy, and the open
questions about these issues are not only brushed aside, but scorned by the editors
and writers.

If I want to read about conserving carbon I'll listen to Al Gore /sarcasm off.

Don't bother. Like Scientific American, the magazine has gone to the lunatic left.

Have yet to receive my first issue of ANY magazine!

where are all of my magazine subscription first issues???????