Reviews For Mental Floss Magazine

magazine subscription

I ordered a subscription to "Mental Floss" for my grandson, age 19, for the second year. He loves it! He's an avid reader, interested in facts and unusual material. It's a great gift that "KEEPS ON GIVING".

Funny and Intelligent

Mental Floss is a great alternative to leisure magazines. It is a great way to have fun and keep your mind working at the same time. My teenager son and his friends love to read this magazine. Once you read this magazine once, you will be hooked!

Not just another mindless magazine

This is my favorite magazine. I can hardly put it down, and it wish it was published more often. They have some of the best, most interesting articles around. In the last issue, they featured a list of the biggest ideas in history broken down for us laymen (ie: existentialism, chaos theory, etc.), plus an article on "How to Become a Superhero in 5 Easy Steps". The articles are fun and interesting at the same time. I recommend this magazine to anyone.

Mental Floss is a Great Magazine

I don't pick up magazines very often, but after picking up an issue of Mental Floss I subscribed the next day. Every article is full of wit and humor, not to mention interesting bits of trivia. It is certainly one of the most entertaining magazines on the market today.

smart husband loves it

I picked a winner as a gift to my brainy hubby; he says it's GREAT!

Cool Magazine

I love Mental Floss magazine. It is an informative magazine that keeps me turning the pages, unlike some of my earlier magazine subscriptions. It has a lot of hidden history, and it takes seemingly difficult or boring topics and makes them easy to understand. I would subscribe to it forever if I had to.

Funny and informative!

I love this magazine. I first saw it in a local store and fell in love with it. It's full of interesting tidbits, great graphics and well-written articles. You'll never be without conversation at any gathering if you read through this zine regularly.

I love this magazine

Mental_floss is such a sharply written magazine. The stories are interesting and funny. This would be the perfect gift for the Trival Pursuit buff in your life.

Learing is Fun!!!

Mental Floss is a great magazine. I love reading the articles. Not only do they actually teach you something interesting, they do it in a fun and entertaining way.

The only complaint that I have is that it doesn't come in the mail often enough, and I finish it way too quickly.

Highly recommended!!

My Favorite Mag

I love this magazine, and so does everyone else in my family. It definitely gets passed around. I have given gift subscriptions of this magazine to a lot of people as well. And everyone loves it!

Don't be fooled! Although it is educational, it is so fun to read that you forget that you might be learning something! And the great thing about this magazine is that you are learning things that you didn't even know you wanted to learn about. I definitely find myself using facts and trivia from this magazine in my daily conversation. It also introduces you to subjects that you might want to learn more about, but didn't know existed.

I can't say enough about this magazine. If you can read, you will love it!!

I highly recommend the Mental Floss books as well. They make for great bathroom reading!