Reviews For Mental Floss Magazine

The Book that Children want to read, and worth every penny!

Personally, when I first saw this magazine, I couldn't even tell what the name of it was, but then I read the magazine, and many of my friends thought I was really smart when I started talking about all of these things I knew. Every time you read it your brain grows, it really is a juicy magazine with tons of information. It's a great one! I highly reccomend it!

Highly entertaining, if you like learning things

My sister-in-law bought a subscription for me. She called it Mad magazine for adults. It's full of interesting (and not so interesting) pieces of information. Some reviewers lament that it's too superficial. Yes, it is superficial, so if you're looking for an in-depth study of anything, subscribe to Wired or the New Yorker (both of which I also get). However, if you want to be entertained and learn something quick (like the difference between the two main branches of Islam), it's for you. I am a doctoral student in rhetoric, and I spend a lot of time reading academic discussions of obscure topics, so when Mental Floss arrives, I read it cover-to-cover. A great mental break that doesn't waste my time.

Everything Other Magazines Aren't

There is almost nothing negative I can say about this publication. Every page is enjoyable - and even most of the ads are for intriguing books or products. I suppose Mental Floss could be seen as a compendium of useless trivia, and perhaps it is, but I have so much fun reading it I refuse to consider anything gleaned from it "useless." Give it a try - and floss regularly.

I Felt Smarter Immediately!

A must-have for all info junkies. From the bizarre to the informative, the diligent crew at mental_floss never ceases to dredge up something interesting. Be the life of the cocktail party, be a mental_flosser.

the BEST

Ok, I need this type of magazine - I am currently in school getting my Ph.D. and this magazine has the best stress 'release' for me! After reading SO many text books, it is nice to sit down and read something that you can store as 'useless knowledge' in what is left of my brain! I love it!


Mental Floss continues to provide me with clever bits of information that I can drop into conversations and appear to be magnificently smart. Its approach to the public is refreshing. Though it is generally not a current events magazine, I always feel like I am being given new information. I truly appreciate its seriousness about not being too serious.

Mental Floss

This is the best magazine I have seen in years. To my knowledge, there is not another magazine like it on the market. Each page is full of interesting facts that will entertain and educate you. I stumbled across it quite by accident. Needing a magazine to represent my son-in-law's gift subscription and not finding the one I needed, I picked up Mental Floss. It was the hit of Christmas.

It's Hip to Be Square.

MENTAL FLOSS is one of a few guilty pleasures that I have in reading. It's a hip, witty magazine full of useless knowledge. Great for anyone who loves learning; especially trivia buffs, nerds, and geeks (I'm all three).

Wonderful,silly trivia!

This is truly one of my favorite magazines! It's been a favorite gift for friends and I know that it is being passed to others so each issue gets multiple readings. Of course, my issues are safely in my home library since some things are too good to share.

One fantastic magazine for random knowlegde junkies...

If you are like me and crave random tidbits about hundreds of subjects, then this magazine is for you. It also has slightly longer articles on the more interesting subjects, but never gets deep enough to bore those with ADD. Honestly, this magazine is my new favorite read and I can't wait for each new issue to arrive. Too bad it's only a bi-monthly; the subscription is worth the price, trust me.