Reviews For Mental Floss Magazine

The Best Magazine I've Ever Read

This is the best magazine ive ever read. I read it almost every night before I go to sleep and I have really enjoyed it since the very first issue! I find the (sometimes) hidden Albert Einstein picture on the front very humorous (especially the Swimsuit Issue). I give this magazine a 5 out of 5 stars because this is the greatest and most interesting magazine of them all. Even kids who don't think they like to read would like to read this. Bravo Mental Floss, bravo.


I cannot get enough

I first saw mental_floss a few weeks ago, and I have not stopped talking about it since. I cannot wait for my first issue to come in the mail. It is smart, funny, entertaining, and interesting. Not only could I not put it down, but I read the whole thing over again when I finished! For anyone who loves to know useless information, this magazine is a must-have.


I buy Mental Floss and save it to read on business trips. Kind of a cross between Ripleys and People with odd's and end's that make you think. Always fun! Love the test at the end.....

The smart thing? subscribe to The Floss!

i've been a big fan of mental floss since its inception. every issue continues to impress me and the magazine just keeps getting better. the magazine is not only funny and entertaining, but also a wonderful resource for anyone with a love of learning. there is no other magazine like it! i've shared this magazine with friends and family here in california and its been a huge hit out here. in spite of the magazine's fresh and somewhat irreverent appearance, people of all ages would appreciate its content. i highly recommend this magazine!

im looking forward to the mental floss boardgame and calendar!

A Terrific Magazine

Their latest issue--the 10 issue--is really fun! I particularly
liked the 10 Greatest Love Affairs, 10 Banned Books and 10 Groundbreaking Comedians. Not sure how they consistently come up with such interesting stuff, but they do. The cover -- Einstein bowling -- gave me a big smile, something that's not happening very often these days.

Do you like learning?

I've actually met people who have said, "I'm too old to learn new things." And younger folk who have said, "That's too much like being in class." If you're one of these people, don't bother with Mental Floss magazine, or with going to school any more, or for that matter, with continuing to be alive in the first place. Living is learning, and this magazine helps edify and entertain you while you're doing all that living and learning. Most highly recommended.

But if you like staying stupid, you're probably not reading this. Carry on, then.

P.S. To the person who complained that the editors correct their previous mistakes and clarify their obfuscations in each issue: you'd prefer the wide variety of publications and TV "news" shows which don't ever acknowledge human error? Good luck with that.

Fun, witty, challenging,, buy it!

Who says geniuses have no sense of humor? Floss those fusty brains with this exceptionally smart magazine and match your wits with its imaginative editorial staff. You'll find things you never knew, things you knew but forgot, things you might have known had you stayed awake in class, things you missed that month you had mono! On every page you'll find a surprise. I'll certainly be surprised if you're not delighted. I have given 50 of these magazines as gifts--and not one person has returned it! Read it and weep--that someone didn't come up with this idea sooner.

Great reading!

I had never read this magazine before seeing in on the newstand at the airport. Picked up a copy because I was intrigued. There is something for everyone in here! I'm a teacher and there are a lot of little tidbits I can share with my students. Articles are short and concise. Recently I read a biography on Darwin --an older issue of Mental Floss had a short blurb about him and his struggle on deciding when to best publish his "Origins" book. The events discussed in Mental Floss on the issue were right on. It's nice to read a magazine and feel confident that they do adequate research before publishing. I recommend this magazine to anyone, it's a great read.

Worth every penny...

So Mental Floss was a mag that I stumbled upon awhile back in a store and was blown away. This was a magazine that seemed to be tailor-made for me.

I am a huge trivia buff as well as a fan of geeky humor and this magazie incorporated both of these passions as well as a great articles into a nice package. My only dislike is that it only comes out once every two months. I want a new issue every month dangit!

I know it a bit pricey for the subscription for only 6 issues, but if you are into reading, news, and fun facts, this is a great magazine. If you are a fan of "The Intellectual Devotional" books, this is the mag for you.

An irreverent delight

I think of this magazine as quintessential bathroom reading. It's also great to keep with you when you have a few moments to spare. There are always interesting and fun articles and facts. There is something for everyone in this quirky great read.