Reviews For Mental Floss Magazine


I have been ordering this magazine for my trivia buff father for 2 years now, and I am about to renew it for another year. If you need a gift for someone who loves trivial knowledge, then this is it. The articles are not too long and there is a lot of interesting and varying information in each issue. There is something that will amuse just about everyone. It doesn't have all of the main stream newsy articles that are in other mags. The info contained is usually "new" to my web surfing retired techy dad who is hard to buy for. It's good that it only comes bi-monthly as he won't throw even one issue away! Totally worth the money, I hope they never stop making it!

inferior products need not apply

This is probably in my top five publications and I don't imagine that ever changing. Great for any age/interest/style. Everyone should read this often.

The Best Magazine Ever!

If this magazine wasn't called mental floss, it would have to be called "A Geek's Handbook to Trivial Information." Fortunately, I just happen to be a geek. If you like Trivial Pursuit, you'll love this mag!

Have you thought about giving it away?

Not only is this one of the best magazines out makes one of the best gifts. How perfect is this for when you want to give something intelligent, fun and riveting? And they'll think fondly of you every month as they wait in anticipation.

favorite magazine

I love this magazine! I love the humor and the interesting topics. I have learned all kinds of really interesting things.

The only negative thing is the very strong effort to support evolution rather than to remain unbiased. I respect that they're allowed to have whatever opinion they want to have in their magazine, though. :)

Witty and entertaining!

MENTAL FLOSS provides some of the wittiest, entertaining, and might I say even thought provoking reading available today! It's a great way to start the day or to take a break from work, life, stress, dissertation writing, etc! When you need to laugh or go just "hmmmmmmmmmm...that's interesting", pick up MENTAL FLOSS!

Very interesting

I never cease to be amazed at all of the things that I do not know. Mental floss is a fun and relaxing way to be informed of all sorts of trivia.

Mental Floss

A great magazine to read. Lots of information in this magazine. I recommend a years script to it.

Mental_Floss is a Spectacular Publication

Mental_Floss is a wonderfully intelligent magazine. I read it cover to cover.

Thought provoking, but not too serious

Finally! A magazine that does not insult your intelligence, but is still fun. This is not just another magazine full of whiners with good vocabularies. It will inform, but still laugh at itself. Fun reading for the thinking person, who doesn't care what Britney Spears is doing!