Reviews For Mental Floss Magazine

Been a fan since the start

This is one of the only magazines I read cover to cover and when I'm done I can't wait for the next issue. Even though it's full of intelligent writing, it never takes itself seriously, much like the magazine's favorite genius, Albert Einstein.


the only magazine that gets read cover to cover by everyone in my family everytime one arrives!

Makes me feel smart

I absolutely adore this magazine, even when I don't have time to read it in its entirety, I can always add a fun trivia morsel to my day. I'm getting tired of Ken Jennings column though, it's time for a refresh!

Fun and interesting

I highly recommend this magazine, it's smart, funny and informative

Awesome magazine!

I ordered this magazine in May and got my first issue in July. I had never even heard of this magazine but decided to try it out because it had such great reviews. It's probably one of the best magazines I've ever subscribed to. There are hardly any ads and all the articles are interesting! It's not a magazine filled with garbage about the latest celebrity news or stuff that is making you stupider for having read it. It is a magazine filled with interesting and fun information. From one page to the next, you don't really know what topic is coming up next. It's a great magazine and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

the one magazine I really read cover-to-cover

I discovered mental_floss at a friend's house in the spring of 2002, and have been enthralled ever since. What the magazine's not? It's not political, not confusing, not ad-filled, and not written for some narrow, think-tank audience. In fact, my in-laws have my last two issues. I guess I should go get them back.

What I also enjoy is that the material is written on an even keel, so that articles that I'm not so "up" on (art, for instance) are as interesting as the ones about things I enjoy (science). It's not a bunch of gobbledygook that only braniacs can understand.

Like they say, it's fun and educational. It's like the best teacher you had growing up - you know the one. Mine was Mr. Benson. Who was yours?

Mental_floss review

This is one terrific magazine. I highly recommend it! Its full of thought-provoking and informative articles and its a good source for interesting tidbits of knowledge. You should definitely check it out if you haven't already.


I hope this stays around for a long time, it is really great. I read it when I travel and I can't put it down!

Interesting magazine

All the things you didn't know you wanted to know. This magazine is very interesting. I recommend it for anyone you know who likes to keep their brain packed with "useless info."

Truly unique

Fun and Educational. I learn something and I am entertained every time I read a Mental Floss issue. Try it and you will be recommending Mental Floss to your friends.