Reviews For Mental Floss Magazine

Funny, full of gread tidbits, excellent bathroom reader, few ads

I subscribed to this magazine after having read one or two of the books that have been put out by mental_floss. This is possibly the best magazine I have ever subscribed to. For one thing, there are very few ads - which is excellent. The information they always have is fresh and interesting. If you like the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series of books, or love trivia, you will love this magazine. My only complaint is that it's only six issues a year, because I can't get enough of it. But clearly, it takes a lot of time to look up all this information!

Funny and Smart

Mental Floss is a great way to astonish your friends with intellectual trivia. Its writing is witty, fresh, and often tongue-in-cheek. The writers have a knack for simplifying but not dumbing down their subject matter. I especially enjoy the seven degrees of separation column, which links two totally unrelated topics. My only complaint -- wish they published more frequently!

Amazing magazine!

I have been a mental_floss subscriber for several years, and I absolutely love this magazine! Their tagline, "where knowledge junkies get their fix," is the most accurate way to sum up the magazine.

Great gift for friends who have everything they need

I just got my first issue. Great light reading with trivia and things to think about and ponder: 10 technologies we stole from the animal kingdom, 10 messiest food festivals, 10 not-so-bright ideas, etc. I believe I'll like this magazine.

Mental Floss

Mental Floss has very interesting, short, articles. The magazine provides insightful information and general knowledge on a variety of interesting topics.

A great magazine!

I love this magazine. If you're a trivia fan, this magazine is for you. If you're interested in learning those little things that aren't in the text books, this magazine is for you. If you're fascinated by the world around you, this magazine is for you. With great writing, great topics, and knowledge in bite-sized pieces, you cannot go wrong with mental_floss.

An education with a sense of humor!

I picked up my first copy of mental_floss a couple of months ago and I'm hooked! I just subscribed for myself and I've discovered that it's the perfect gift for all my friends that want to know everything but are turned off by anything resembling a textbook. It's the perfect education for those with a sense of humor. This magazine is easy to read, it's informative, but best of all, it's really, really entertaining.

Great Gift

I got this subscription for my teenaged cousins as a Christmas gift. They're very hip, but, brilliant; so they really enjoyed this, and their parents did as well. I might have to get a subscription for myself, too.

Information Junkies - This Magazine is For You!

If you love useful (and useless) information you will love this magazine. It is filled with fun facts and interesting articles. If you are a student of history there are many tidbits in this magazine. We gave it to my father-in-law for Christmas and I think everyone in his house will enjoy it. My father-in-law may have to wait to read it if he doesn't get to the mailbox first.

One of the best

One of the best magazines out there. We get lots, from The Week to Wired to National Geographic, but I always head for Mental Floss first.