Reviews For Mental Floss Magazine

Totally Fun, A Bit Geeky, A lot of Smarts

You do not have to be a Geek or a brainiac to read this magazine. I'm not either one of those things and I read this magazine and enjoy it cover to cover. It would help if you were curious, fascinated by trivia, wanting to learn more about a wide variety of topics.

In any issue you pick up you might find lists such as "The 20 Most Interesting Presidents" with short blurbs about 20 presidents and what they did that was so interesting. You might find trivia such as 'the games that sell the most in Japan'. You might find pictures, drawings, graphs and any other type of artwork that might help make a point, show something interesting or grab your attention. You might learn how to do something new, make something interesting, or you might find a synopsis about the most recent political policy to help you discuss it at your next coctail party.

I have never been dissapointed by this magazine.

So good

I so love this magazine. It is one of the few magazines that can hold my attention and I can read from cover to cover. Make your brain happy and get this magazine.

Smart fun

It feels an awful lot like Christmas whenever I see an issue of Mental_Floss in my mailbox. And herein lies my only problem with this delightful bundle of trivia: it only comes every other month. Always leaves me wanting more.

Great magizine

I got this for my husband who loves games and triva type reading and he is enjoying it. A gift that keeps giving for 2yrs. How could you go wrong.

Great Gift for Husbands/Fathers

I ordered this for my father, a trivia junkie, and he absolutely loved it. He started giving his copies to my husband, who enjoyed them so much I ordered it for him too. The added benefit is that I get to read them- only after my husband has read them cover to cover.

ONe of the best

This may be the only magazine I actually read cover to cover every word. The articles are very informative with a comedic undertone. It is amazing some of the facts they dig up. My only regret is that the magazine does not come out more often.

Intellectually stimulating, yet readable

I came across this magazine in a college bookstore, and bought a copy to browse through with dinner. Free-spirited, yet dealing with topics of interest to intelligent people, it is a real find. I immediately entered three subscriptions, one for myself, one for a relative and a third for a friend. Isn't that the greatest recommendation?

I love this magazine!

They have found a way to package interesting information on subjects I wouldn't go seeking out on my own.


I subscribed to their bi-monthly publication. Keep challenging your brain! Fight Alzheimer's and aging, give yourself a challenge that's more productive than games or most puzzles (which aren't productive at all).

Best Magazine Ever

I've been reading this magazine for years. It never fails to entertain me while it teaches me fascinating new things. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to feel smart again.