Reviews For Mental Floss Magazine

Smart and entertaining

Mental Floss is a very entertaining magazine. It's full of interesting little facts and good articles presented in a way that's fun to read. I felt it took little jabs at conservatives now and then, but it wasn't enough to make me stop reading (I read the whole thing in one sitting).

great and interesting magazine

This is very different then your average magazine. It has random facts that can be enjoyable to anyone interested in learning.

My only complaint is the price and the limited amount of issues per subscription.

Worth trying out!

As advertised...

This magazine is just what it says: Where information junkies get their fix. Great (almost always useless) information...

I just love Mental Floss!

I am a fan of trivia and interesting facts and am always in search of tidbits to share with my college age kids. Mental Floss never disappoints. It's like when I was a kid and first started reading up on current events. A must read every edition!

Great Read

This is my second subscription to this magazine. I love it! There are so many unusual articles in each issue that it never ceases to amaze me.

Too Smart

Often has some interesting but uniportant trivia - mental chewing gum. Ejoyable but ...

Good gift

I gave this subscription to a relative and he seems to enjoy it.

A different kind of magazine

Let me start off with I subscribe to at least 15 magazines covering a range of subjects. Mental Floss is the only magazine that I save and leave out for guests. The reason I save it is that is a very quick read that can be read while people have a few moments to spare. The articles are short and don't provide much depth. However it is enjoyable to read something that requires no brain power to process. Mental Floss is a great magazine that you can sit down with and read in one sitting. It even occasionaly brings a smile to your face. I suggest you give it a chance but don't expect to much.

Fun, but leaves you hanging

I've picked a couple of these up now and while I enjoyed them, I have to say I was somewhat dissapointed. It's a great source of trivia and random facts, but the entire magazine is only a set of "factoids" and few subjects are covered with any kind of depth. All in all, it feels like I'm being given tempting little knowledge hors d'oeuvre with no meal to follow.


I bought Mental Floss as a gift and I have been borrowing the recipient's copy to read. As a matter of fact, it got passed around. It is fun, well written and very understandable but everyone had the same complaints.

Mental Floss would get 5 stars if it just could solve two problems. First the biggie: I appreciate how difficult it must be to cover such a large array of topics and some very complex ideas in a few sentences. Because of the briefness, accuracy is extremely important. I think the magazine tries too hard to make the facts fit into an overall theme so the reader sometimes walks away with an distorted impression of the subject. (To be clear I am not talking about the writer's opinions. This maganize handles that well.) There are also a few (not many) out and out mistakes.

The second less important: The layout need works. Once I get use to the busyness and the color it actually make sense but it still could be approved upon.

Get these two things fixed and this magazine could easily be "5 Stars" and a much bigger seller. There is definitely a place for a magazine like this. It is starting to sink in all levels of this country (U.S.) that knowledge is important and this magazine fits the bill in our time-pressed society. Also, quickie facts presented in a entertaining way has always been popular with people (note all the stars and praises it gets in the other posts).