Reviews For Mens Health Magazine

Good all-around magazine for men

Men's Health has become a well-around men's magazine with good advice on fitness and nutrition. The monthly workout regiments/tips always seem sound and reasonable for long-term fitness goals, not promising uber-results in 4 weeks. In recent years, it has ventured beyond the health arena, with provocative articles on issues such as child support and injured veterans from the second Gulf War. On the other hand, features on grooming/fashion/new products sometimes over-reach in its attempt to appeal to advertisers who spend money in more fashion-oriented magazines. I can also quibble with the occasional layout style and some "relationship" articles (more for their tone not the subject matter). Still, I have high regards for the consistent improvement of this publication in recent years.

Well Rounded

The magazine has a nice blend of Fitness, Style, Nutrition, Self-Improvement, and Sex related articles. I have been a reader for several years now, and the magazine seems to have improved with time. The only flaw I see is that it is good at everything, and great at nothing.

Great monthly advice for men

Only complaint is that some of the material is repetitious after subscribing for a couple years.

I have subscribed for a year, skipped a year, then subscribed again and I find that I am happy with the magazine again for the most part.

Great Mag, Always learn something

I always learn something new and useful from this mag. I read this and the Wall Street Journal.

A must for any man's bathroom

Look, I'm not going to sit here and tell you this the greatest magazine or any nonsense like that. What I will tell you is that this the best thing to keep in the bathroom for when nature calls and you need five minutes to yourself. Great range of topics from workout tips, emerging health trends, and some half-baked sex advice. Worth it my friends.

Its the next best thing.

I think this magazine is a bit biased. However it does offer some good workouts and or changes you can make and shake things up in your day workout. Lots of ads for things you don't really need in my opinion. It does offer other god tid bits about food and life. Best bet it to go to a trainer or Specialist in Fitness Nutrition like myself.

Good informative reading

The only problem is that when you subscribe, they start off your subscription with old issues. Make sure that you have not purchased any recent issue or you will reading them again.

As presents go...

I bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it. It keeps him away from my magazines and appears to cover almost everything from nutrition to fitness to relationships - and some of the advice is spot on!


For extensive work-out tips, I suggest you go get "Exercise&Health"; in my opinion, "Exercise&Health" has the best work-out tips, and the magazine has lots of them! For general health, however, I recommend "Men's Health".

Not bad

Has decent articles in it. Not sure if it's going to change your life, but when you're on a plane, it does the job.