Reviews For Mens Health Magazine

great deal!!!

for the price this subscription is well worth it. a nice mens magazine with info and articles in it.



Men's Health

Thanks so much. my son enjoys this magazine alot, and it's fun to give it to him.

Absolutely the best

This is the *one* magazine I read cover to cover every month, and I learn something new about my health, diet, or workout every time. The fold-out posters are great to refer to when I'm on the road. I've totally ruled out diets and rely completely on the information I get from this magazine. It's a little too focused on heterosex, but there's really solid writing and excellent nutrition info. If only my abs looked the cover models!

Mc. Steamy

wow. I'm sorry i just saw Mc.Steamy on the cover. enough said. this man is gorgeous.

Not as good as it used to be

I don't know if it's that my weight lifting has taken me to more of an advanced stage, but I no longer find myself as eager to dive into "Men's Health" each month as I used to be. The magazine has changed somewhat over the years. Sure it still has some good articles about training, and so on. In fact, it has just about everything "Playboy" has going for it, except the nude pictorials and fiction. But "Men's Health" has become a little bland. It is not aimed at hardcore weight lifters, and often of late it seems to be aimed at people in the upper echelon of subscribers, pushing high-priced gear and clothing that someone who works in the real world may not be able to buy. The magazine's publishers used to point with pride to the fact that they were based in rural Pennsylvania and as a result in touch with the average man. You don't get that feeling anymore. Also, some of what they tell you has to be taken with a grain of salt. Little training tips they'll drop in may have merit, but need to be part of a much larger picture. Doing a squat will help get larger legs, but there's more to it than that, and sometimes in the interest of brevity, the magazine falls short. Still, you'll find a lot of interest in each issue. Here's hoping it will one day be a five-star magazine again.

what guys think about

You can tell a lot about the readership a men's magazine is trying to reach by scanning the first three car ads. In the issue in front of me, they flog the Lincoln MKZ, Range Rover Sport, and Audi A6.

There you have it. We're going for the affluent but not super-rich young guy who won't even become aware that the Lincoln Town Car and Audi A8 exist until he turns 55. Well, 52 maybe.

But you didn't need the cars to figure out MEN'S HEALTH.

It's about what all men think about and what affluent guys with six-pack abs (in reality or in their dreams) can generally snag: expensive suits, beautiful women who seem never not to pout, and beefy arms to set off those abs.

To be fair, there is actually a fair amount of *health* under discussion in these pages. But I doubt that's the main reason guys pull this magazine off the shelf instead of, say, DOG FANCIERS.

In spite of an irritating habit of treating women as trophies to be won or dupes to be lured, there is a good bit of wit in here about what one might call the manly dilemma in the modern world. And if it really is lack of *just* the right workout regimen that has kept you from getting all that's on offer in MEN'S WORLD, well, there's at least one new workout each month that will cure all that ails you.

Don't mistake this monthly for serious journalism. But you won't need a brown paper bag to carry it out of the store either.

I kind of like it.

Men's Health Helped Me

Two years ago I was 285 lbs. At 5'8", that was morbidly overweight as my doctor would write on his checklist of me.
I made a conscious decision to change myself. I read Men's Health and followed the articles' suggestions. I followed the eating lifestyle they suggested. I exercised using various exercise they suggested.

Eventually, I bought the "Book of Muscle" they also published.
Today I am 160lbs and fit. Playing baseball, playing with my kids.
Men's Health is filled with great articles about fitness, health, healthy eating, exercise, sex, etc... I only gave it four stars since there is generally a good portion of fluff in there that I don't read. For example, I really don't care to know what drinks attract women at a bar. But if you pass over the fluff and read the substance, and actually DO some of the things they suggest, you can look like the guy on the cover.

Like anything else in life, nothing is free, hard work and dedication are required.

Highly Entertaining, but that's it

This is an excellent bathroom magazine. If you're looking for a "real" health magazine, look elsewhere. If you're looking for some entertainment, this may be it. There's loads of information ranging from your basic shaving razor to your ...pair of jeans. There's not much in the exercise department anymore. In fact, you can probably draw the same information from your first issue and your last issue when it comes to diet and exercise. Nonetheless, it's one of the more entertaining and interesting magazines I've encountered... It's worth taking a look at.

Good Mag for low key reader

Good magazine to read through each month. Funny and informative. This is low key on the sex and pics, which is good for married men. I enjoy Jimmy the Bartender feature and factoids on back page. The most helpful has been the finer points of grooming and dress. My wife enjoys the attention to details that I have after reading this magazine for the last year.