Reviews For Mens Health Magazine

A must read for all Males- boys, teens, men.

I have been an avid reader of mens health for many years. I always find every issue to be helpful in many respects. The magazine gives great advice on every topic of everyday living. It includes many health issues as the title of the magazine suggests, but it includes financial, relationship, style, and as well as many other topics. The magazine is an easy read and once you start you dont want to put it down. Every issue is different and they always come out with some new topic to discuss. Needless to say i love this magazine. I find it to be well written, thorough, and interesting. Thus, i recommend it to almost anyone, even females who might be interested in knowing more about men.

I didn't like magazines until i picked up a Men's Health

Normally I would never buy a magazine, but one day someone at work brought in a Men's Health and I ended reading it cover to cover. Its filled with little facts and figures guys love to know spread throughout the pages in addition to the main articles, which are great by themselves. If your a man and can read, you will most likely enjoy this magazine.

Must Have

If you're interested in your health and well being...this is the magazine for you. It hits everything a guy would want to know and more. My girlfriend wishes there was a magazine equivalent for women. Very concise and to the point.

It is a magazine to be read, it is not for pictures...well not always...

still the best

I have been reading MH since it came out and I still find it enjoyable and entertaining. The tidbits of information, the suggestions on fashion and health and the articles are always well documented, well written and interesting. Over the years I have seen it emulated but few, if any, can compete with it. I would pick over the fluffed up GQ and Esquire any day (besides, who gives a rat about what Hollywood thinks about this or that).

Men's Health Changed My Life.

I absolutely love this magazine. Great information, great ideas, and motivating to the amateur. Helped me get started on my New Years Resolution, now I'm 20 lbs lighter and still going.

pleasantly surprised

I bought the subscription for my husband because he wanted it. I thought it would a less sleazy version of Maxium, not to trash Maxium, but come on. Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised because not only did my husband love the magazine, I also ended up reading it and getting health and diet tips. We now have a magazine we can actually have a conversation about.

good service

Besides a low rate, the renewal came within 4 or 5 weeks from the order.

This is a consistently informative magazine.

My brother dismissed magazines such as "Men's Health", due to an errant assumption that such publications were not for typical suburban Dads like him. A heart attack and quad bypass later, he changed his mind! I bought him a subscripton to enjoy during his recovery, and he has really gotten a lot out of it. It's not glossy "fluff"; it actually has stuff he reads and uses each month. This is one subscription that is worth every penny.

Mens Health

this's an IMPRESSIVE magazine!!! there's SO Much in there!!! Recipes, workouts, health tips, ChiC tips......EASILY the handiest magazine you'LL buy!!!

Ideas on how to improve yourself

Many people will find this magazine shallow, but I don't really believe them. I am reading it non stop since the last semester, and I have to recognize it's well-written, it has great articles on health issues so guys can understand it; for example, there was a story on heart disease which was very compelling and informative. You will find exercises there if you want to pump up, I have been using them for a while and mixing them up as a routine I can follow and I'm pleased for the results; it's a nice first step if you're a beginner but then you'll have to take it a little forward. It has a simple, no-nonsense and humorous attitude which makes it even more enjoyable to read. I think it's good for your money's worth. just don't take the relationships articles way too seriously (by the way, they're NOT intended to be taken seriously)