Reviews For Mens Health Magazine

I only got one magazine, still awaiting for the rest

I am dissapointed at the fact that I only got one magazine. I am gonna try again.
I wonder what happened to my money

Politically biased Sell-Outs!

I have had a subscription since college to this magazine. When they started salivating over Obama and putting him in the magazine and finally on the cover, it was more than I could handle. I read the magazine for the nutrition and exercise tips and things generally of interest to guys like me. I dont want to hear about politics, especially if it liberally biased. The shameless adoration of Obama crossed the line and does not belong here. That issue went right in the trash along with my subscription. The issue with Obama in it before that had a full length picture of him with captions pinpointing how fabulously he dresses, I mean come on!... that is ridiculous! Bush wore the same suits and I dont recall the same commentary on him, not that I even want to see Bush in there either. I am sure that there are many like me who done want this liberal bias shoved down their throats and will no longer read mens health.